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Tag: Murder

Four-Year-Old Murdered In “Targeted” Attack On Ohio Family, Mainstream Media Ignores The Story

Rowan Sweeney Was Just Four When He Died In His Mother’s Arms…And Just Like Cannon Hinnant There Will Be Little Coverage Or Interest From The Mainstream Media On 21 September,

Portland Shooter Allegedly Identified By 4Chan: This Is The Supposed Killer Black Lives Matter Celebrated

Late last night, Nationalist Review reported that a member of the conservative and pro-police group Patriot Prayer was assassinated on the streets of Portland. Today, just hours after the shooting

Video: Trump Supporter Killed By Black Lives Matter In Portland Riot This Evening (Shooter On Tape)

Nationalist Review Can Confirm That The Individual Shot In Portland This Evening Was A Trump Support Affiliated With Patriot Prayer And We Have Footage Of The Shooter The victim of

Pandemic Parolee Accused Of “Random Act Of Murder” Released 80 Days Early By State Officials

Martin Alvarez Jr. Is Accused Of The August Stabbing That Killed The 39-Year-Old Michael Wagley… Alvarez Would Still Be Imprisoned If Not For Early Release A recently released prisoner was

17-Year-Old Veronica Baker Murdered By Four Black Teenagers And The Mainstream Media Is Silent

Veronica Baker Was Scheduled To Start College Today, Instead Her Parents Are Planning Her Funeral. This Is The Type Of Story That Makes National Headlines When The Races Are Reversed…

MURDER: Convicted felon accused of murder after coronavirus early release from prison

A convicted criminal serving a seven-year sentence for armed robbery is suspected of murdering a 21-year-old woman less than a month after he was prematurely released from prison. The felon,

To honor fallen ‘sister’, officers cuff her murderer with her handcuffs…The judge just granted him bail.

Nassau Bay Police Department Sgt. Kaila Sullivan was killed after being struck by Tavores Henderson’s car during a traffic stop Tuesday night. [mfn] 10 December 2019[/mfn] Sullivan died after being