Neil deGrasse Tyson Just Mocked The White House Doctor…Did You Know deGrasse Flunked His Master’s Thesis?

This Can’t Even Be Called Comprehensive…But Here’s A List Of Stupid Things He’s Said And Done…

The favorite TV astrophysicist beloved by potheads, liberals, and Hollywood elites alike has been talking trash on Twitter. Neil deGrasse Tyson, former host of Cosmos, decided it was clever to mock the White House physician Rear Admiral Ronny Jackson. Take a look:

Many people left-of-center have been commenting that Rear Adm. Jackson lied about the president’s health.  He told journalists that Trump was 6’3″, weighing 239 pounds and that he could stand to lose a few of those too. But that wasn’t good enough for liberals that were hoping to hear the president was deathly ill and needed to be removed from office.  It appears it wasn’t good enough for Tyson either.

In any case, Rear Adm. Jackson has had a pristine career.  There was never a complaint about his review of Barack Obama.

President Barack Obama departs Walter Reed National Military Medical Center with Dr. Ronny Jackson, in Bethesda, Md., April 29, 2015.

Enough Of That, Let’s Make Fun Of Tyson A Bit

First, some background.  The ever-pompous Tyson flunked his first dissertation:

After Tyson finished his master’s thesis, his advisors dissolved his dissertation committee—essentially flunking him. “I still don’t talk about it much,” he says, “because it was a failed experiment, and I’ve moved on from that chapter of my life.”

“With or without skin color, I wasn’t the model student,” he adds. “There was simply no room for me to be the full person that I was. If race was at play in all this, it was only at the edges of the experience.”

He’s an astrophysicist that doesn’t want people to be excited about astrophysics:

He also wants you to all calm down about New Years:

He’s the biggest open-borders loon that there is:

He’s been making the most of his degree, spending his time getting absolutely destroyed by normal people on Twitter:

He thinks Tom Brady could be building a flying car:

There are some liberals–they might even be walking among you right now–that think this science guy is one of the smartest people in the country.