Republican Congressman And Family Receive Threat In Targeted Attack On Their Home

Republican Representative Tom Reed released an alarming statement about a threat that he and his family received outside their home in Corning, NY

A dead animal and a brick with the name of one of Representative Reed’s relatives was left outside his home address, an implied threat and act of political intimidation. Local authorities are investigating the incident.

Reed issued the following statement:

“Today, my family and I were threatened at our home in Corning. The cowards used a dead animal and a brick with a family member’s name on it to try to intimidate us. We assure everyone such threats only energize us to stand stronger. We thank the local police and federal authorities, who are already investigating this disgusting attack against my family. Across the country, politics has taken a disturbing turn. We have to overcome this. I know that we can. We are all Americans first. What unites us is far greater than our political differences.”

Pro Black Lives Matter Mayor Indicted On Charges Of Felony Campaign Finance Fraud

Rochester Mayor Lovely Warren Has Been Indicted On Two Charges

Rochester Mayor Lovely Warren (seriously, that’s her name), has been indicted by a grand jury on two felony charges. The first, is for a scheme to defraud and the second is for illegally coordinating expenditures with campaign activities. Indicted alongside Warren were her campaign treasurer, Albert Jones Jr, and Rosiland Brooks-Harris who is the treasurer of the political action committee that supported Warren’s election.

If convicted, Warren could be removed from office, face up to four years in prison, loser her pension, and be made to forfeit her license to practice law.

She will be arraigned, along with her associates on 5 October in front of Cayuga County Judge Thomas Leone in Monroe County. The charges stem from alleged illegal activity that took place during her 2017 campaign for mayor. She has one year remaining on her term in office.

Earlier this month, Lovely announced police “reforms” she planned to implement in order to appease Black Lives Matter in response to the death of Daniel Prude.

NBC News Reports:

A mayor in New York state who shook up her city’s police department after the death of Daniel Prude, a Black man who allegedly suffered from mental health problems, was hit Friday with campaign finance charges that could drive her out of office. Rochester Mayor Lovely Warren was indicted by a grand jury on charges of scheming to defraud and violating election law by illegally coordinating activities and expenditures, Monroe County District Attorney Sandra Doorley said. Both charges stem from Warren’s 2017 re-election campaign. She has denied any wrongdoing. Warren, who did not release a statement after her indictment and whose office did not immediately respond to a request for comment, has an Oct. 5 court date and also faces the possibility of prison time and the loss of her law license if convicted.

Video: Police Shoot Violent Subject Who Was Beating Female Rookie Cop To Death

The Suspect, Willie Henly, Is “Alive And Talking” After Ofc. Karl Schultz Shot Him As He Brutally Beat A Female Rookie Cop With A Bat

Nationalist Review spoke to sources within the Buffalo Police Department who were privy to the details of the shooting. The rookie, who Nationalist Review can name as Ofc. Alyssa Peron, had been on the job for less than one week when the incident occurred, is doing well following the attack.

Since the suspect was black, Black Lives Matter has already begun twisting the details of this case in order to further their agenda (see below).

Officer Schultz took swift action to save the inexperienced female officer’s life and the suspect, Willie Henly, is expected to survive his wounds. Peron suffered 2-3 blows to the head from the suspect with the bat. Schultz is an Iraq war veteran who honorably served two tours. Previously, Schultz performed CPR in order to save the life of another man who was shot by police.

Henly, according to sources, was having a “mental health crisis” when he began to “blast the rookie with a bat.” Officers attempted to deescalate the situation, following Henly for four blocks as he screamed violent threats. Officers on the scene attempted to use a taser multiple times.

In March 2013, Henly’s son stabbed his mother’s boyfriend several times with a knife, causing injuries “that included a potentially fatal laceration to his heart.”

Officer Schultz was previously involved in another shooting incident that left a 15-year-old Hispanic boy paralyzed after he stole a car. With this information in mind, it’s not unlikely that the Black Lives Matter crowd will use today’s shooting as a means to sow chaos in Buffalo once more. Complicating matters further, the shooting officer is the cousin of Lt. Michael DeLong, the Buffalo Police member who was suspended for calling a woman “c***” earlier this year.

Buffalo Black Lives Matter Types Lie, Push Narrative Of Police Office Violence:

They just can’t help themselves. Black Lives Matter is already attempting to shape this narrative in a manner that suggests the shooting incident was avoidable. They’ve even gone so far as to claim that the victim died. All of this should sound familiar.

They’ve Even Spread A Rumor That The Suspect Died:

The Suspect Is In Stable Condition:

Video: “F***The Police” Says Vice Principal Who Marched With Rioters In Rochester…School District Won’t Fire Him

Steve Lysenko, An Assistant Principal At Spencerport High School, Rioted Alongside Black Lives Matter In Rochester Friday Evening

The school district of Spencerport, a suburb of Rochester, has some explaining to do following a video showcasing the views of one of their administrators. Steve Lysenko, the assistant principal in charge of ninth grade, looked directly into a camera and told the world how he felt about law enforcement officers nationwide.

Here’s What Steve Lysenko Had To Say About The Police:

“Good evening, folks. It’s Steve Lysenko, president of the local chapter of the national association for multicultural education. In an act of protest this evening, we marched west on Court Street. And we didn’t do anything but chant and sing, all the way—halfway across the bridge. At which point we met the Rochester Police Department. And guess what happened? Our peace keepers ended up shooting pepper spray at us for singing and chanting and telling them what a sh*tty-*ss job they were doing. They can f*** right off, America. F*** the police! F*** Rochester Police Department! Thank you.”

Spencerport’s Staff Photo For Steve Lysenko

Lysenko’s Employer, Spencerport Public Schools, Issued Statements Regarding The Incident:

Judging by the wording below, namely that the school will be settling any disciplinary decisions in a “confidential” manner, the school district has no intention of firing the assistant principal:

“As we have stated consistently and clearly, Spencerport Central School District stands in solidarity in support of racial equality and systemic change. We remain committed to this change, and want all of our families to know we further stand in solidarity with peaceful protesters. However, when a District employee uses language in public or on social media that does not align with our Code of Conduct or demonstrate appropriate role modeling for students, that is something that we will not condone. These statements by our administrator have caused disruption within our school community. We apologize to our students, parents and community that you had to hear this language from one of our employees. This will be addressed as a confidential, personnel matter.”

Video: Brave Black Lives Matter Leaders Tell “White Shields” To Take The Rubber Bullets For Them…And They Listen

Rochester Black Lives Matter Has Been Violently Rioting For Four Straight Days And Now They Want White People To Act As Meatshields…

Not to be outdone by Portland Black Lives Matter’s 100 days of violence and terror, Rochester BLM is now escalating the situation on the streets of the historic city that birthed Kodak Film.

Tonight, rioters marched on Rochester City Hall before pouring out into the streets to wreak havoc in an otherwise quiet city. Their marching orders were clear: white bodies should be used to shield those with a darker complexion in an implicitly hypocritical acknowledgement of fragility just marginally less amusing than the pregnant mothers who shielded the rioters in Portland.

Speaking over a megaphone, one Black Lives Matter leader demanded the following: “If you white and you got a shield, you need to be making the perimeter. From whatever this street is to whatever that street is. If you are black, stay in the middle!”

Then a woman off screen shouts “white shields!” calling the useful idiots to rally around her.

Not long after, they received their marching orders and entered formation, the rioting began and the rubber bullets started flying…

Rioters (presumably white, judging from the preceding orders) formed an umbrella shield wall and began lobbing bottles, rocks, and other objects at officers attempting to break up the illegal demonstration.

Last night, Rochester Black Lives Matter climbed on private residences, banged on windows and terrorized homeowners:

They stormed into restaurants, overturned tables, and smashed dinnerware:

Video: Retired NYPD Cop Robbed And Assaulted By Thug Who Stomped On His Neck, Punched His Head Into Concrete

Masterjadin Roman, 20, Is The Suspected Assailant Who Attacked The Retired NYPD Sergeant With Brutal Blows To The Former Cop’s Head And A Stomp To The Back Of His Neck

An unnamed retired New York Police Department sergeant received a vicious beatdown from a known panhandler named Masterjadin Roman. The perpetrator of this brutal act merely received a desk appearance ticket which in most cases means he will, at most, face a misdemeanor charge.

In the video below, Roman and the former cop can be seen discussing something which eventually leads to the younger male throwing a bottle at the retired law enforcement officer.

The retired sergeant, refusing to take such humiliation, responds to that escalation from Roman by attempting to charge him. Unfortunately, Roman immediately got the upperhand and tossed the older man flat onto the sidewalk and began pummeling him with his fists.

Eventually, an associate of Romans approaches and picks up a cell phone that the street criminal loosened from the victim’s pockets during his volley of blows and the two begin to walk off.

Unsatisfied With His First Attack, Roman Then Returns To Deal One Last Devastating Blow

Then the retired sergeant attempts to get to his feet and Roman, noticing this, turns around and approaches him again.

That’s when the latter stomped heavily on the back of the victim’s neck.

Apparently the initial barbaric assault didn’t satisfy his bloodlust.

Watch The Video For Yourself:

In typical New York cosmopolitan fashion, several onlookers stood by and watched as this one-sided assault took place. While one witness moved in to assist the victim as he recovered from the first wave of attacks, he quickly backed off when Roman returned to slam his foot into the back of the victims neck.

The New York Police Department has not yet issued a statement on this incident, Nationalist Review has reached out to the NYPD Sergeant’s Benevolent Association for comment and will update this story as more information comes to light.

Video: New York Politician Directs Black Rioters To Loot In “Other” Communities

Buffalo city councilman Rasheed N.C. Wyatt recorded a livestream where he urged black rioters to do their looting outside of their own communities in order to avoid dissuading investors from developing black neighborhoods.

In an alarming post to his personal Facebook page, Rasheed N.C. Wyatt, a member of Buffalo’s city council, complained about the propensity for black rioters to loot and destroy their own neighborhoods. Exasperated with this dilemma, he came up with an idea: they could go do their looting in other communities.

Wyatt, representing the University District, is one of nine members serving on the Buffalo’s Common Council, which acts as the city government’s legislative branch.

“Don’t go that way, the police are over there,” Wyatt directs the rioters at the start of the video.

“We trying to do so much in our community, and I’m telling you, we can do better. We gotta find out how to do this. But not in a way that tears up our neighborhood. Why would we tear up our neighborhood? I see all the protests going on all throughout the country and we tearing up our neighborhood. Go somewhere else and loot, loot somewhere else. Don’t loot in our neighborhood.”

The obvious implication of his rant is that the individuals ought to be looting in predominantly white neighborhoods. During the 16 minute video, Wyatt helps direct rioters away from the police and towards safer places to cause mayhem, comments on how he believes Dr. Martin Luther King was only nonviolent because black people didn’t own enough guns to win, and stated that he believes looters should leave their own communities and wreak havoc in others.

“Do you know why Dr. King talked about non-violence? Because we don’t have enough guns.”

Wyatt had another alarming take on the civil rights movement during his broadcast. According to the Buffalo politician, Martin Luther King Jr. only advocated non-violence because black people didn’t have enough guns to win. To win what? A race war? Wyatt isn’t clear. The statement comes at about 11 minutes and 15 seconds into his stream.

Video: Police Attacked By Rioter Who Drove Car Over Buffalo Officers

Buffalo, New York Riots Have Escalated With A Number Of Officers Being Run Over By A Rioter

It’s unclear at this time how many officers were hit and what condition they are in. We do have unconfirmed reports from people on the ground that two officers were hit, two people were shot, and that three are now in custody. Nationalist Review cannot confirm these details but will update this story as new information is released.

Are these the peaceful protesters we hear so much about?

A second angle of the attack:

200 pound bomb seized by FBI in thwarted terror scheme targeting DC on election night

A man from Rockland County, New York built a 200 pound explosive device that he planned to detonate on the National Mall in Washington, D.C. on election night.

Paul Rosenfeld, the 56-year-old perpetrator responsible for the construction of the explosive, was stopped by police and immediately waved his Miranda rights Tuesday. He told law enforcement officers that he had ordered large quantities of black powder and had them shipped to New Jersey before transporting them to his home in Tappan, New York. 

His plan, according to authorities, was to execute a suicide attack on the nation’s capital in order to highlight what he feels is a poor direction the country is headed in.

Rosenfeld is a political extremist that favors a system of government based on ‘sortition.’ Sortition is also known as ‘choice by lot’ or ‘demarchy’ but the basic principle is that rather than electing representatives, our leadership should be chosen at random from a pool of ‘qualified’ candidates.

It’s worth noting that the AP reported this as “sortation” which is a data processing term that has nothing to do with this political system. Just another banner day for the mainstream media fact-checkers, I suppose.

It is not immediately clear why Rosenfeld was capable of ordering large quantities of black powder, nor how he gained access to the New Jersey address he was shipping the substance too.

The FBI were lucky on this one—it was one of Rosenfeld’s associates that tipped them off about the potential attack.

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