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Republican Congressman And Family Receive Threat In Targeted Attack On Their Home

Republican Representative Tom Reed released an alarming statement about a threat that he and his family received outside their home in Corning, NY A dead animal and a brick with

Pro Black Lives Matter Mayor Indicted On Charges Of Felony Campaign Finance Fraud

Rochester Mayor Lovely Warren Has Been Indicted On Two Charges Rochester Mayor Lovely Warren (seriously, that’s her name), has been indicted by a grand jury on two felony charges. The

Video: Police Shoot Violent Subject Who Was Beating Female Rookie Cop To Death

The Suspect, Willie Henly, Is “Alive And Talking” After Ofc. Karl Schultz Shot Him As He Brutally Beat A Female Rookie Cop With A Bat Nationalist Review spoke to sources

Video: “F***The Police” Says Vice Principal Who Marched With Rioters In Rochester…School District Won’t Fire Him

Steve Lysenko, An Assistant Principal At Spencerport High School, Rioted Alongside Black Lives Matter In Rochester Friday Evening The school district of Spencerport, a suburb of Rochester, has some explaining

Video: Brave Black Lives Matter Leaders Tell “White Shields” To Take The Rubber Bullets For Them…And They Listen

Rochester Black Lives Matter Has Been Violently Rioting For Four Straight Days And Now They Want White People To Act As Meatshields… Not to be outdone by Portland Black Lives

Video: Retired NYPD Cop Robbed And Assaulted By Thug Who Stomped On His Neck, Punched His Head Into Concrete

Masterjadin Roman, 20, Is The Suspected Assailant Who Attacked The Retired NYPD Sergeant With Brutal Blows To The Former Cop’s Head And A Stomp To The Back Of His Neck

Video: New York Politician Directs Black Rioters To Loot In “Other” Communities

Buffalo city councilman Rasheed N.C. Wyatt recorded a livestream where he urged black rioters to do their looting outside of their own communities in order to avoid dissuading investors from

Video: Police Attacked By Rioter Who Drove Car Over Buffalo Officers

Buffalo, New York Riots Have Escalated With A Number Of Officers Being Run Over By A Rioter It’s unclear at this time how many officers were hit and what condition

200 pound bomb seized by FBI in thwarted terror scheme targeting DC on election night

A man from Rockland County, New York built a 200 pound explosive device that he planned to detonate on the National Mall in Washington, D.C. on election night. Paul Rosenfeld,