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Black Supremacist Felon With NFAC Militia Arrested For Firing Gun At March In Louisiana

The Shooter Was A Felon Who Has Been Arrested. . . The group’s attempt at marching through Lafayette, Louisiana started off with a bang as yet again an accidental discharge

Video: ‘Send Them To The Morgue’ Black Militia Advocates Shooting Police When They Make Arrests

Grandmaster Jay, The Leader Of The Black Militia Group, Has Ramped Up His Radical Rhetoric Risking Dangerous Consequences Misquoting Malcolm X, Grandmaster Jay, the leader of the Not F***ing Around

Armed Black Militia Vows To Leave The Country If Demand To Own Texas Is Not Met

The “Not F*cking Around Coalition” Is Demanding Their Own State, If It Is Not Given To Them They Vow To Leave The Country Don’t threaten us with a good time.