Video: Oakland, California Rioters Set Fire To County Courthouse

Masked And Hooded Rioters Broke Away From A Protest To Set Fire To The County Courthouse In Oakland, California

Rioters in Oakland broke away from the main protest group and set fire to the county courthouse after a dispute between the ranks of protesters ended in the determination that some were hoping for a more violent night akin to the riots happening in Portland and Seattle.

Thankfully, Oakland Fire Department Was Able To Quickly Put Out The Flames

The Oakland Police Department Repeatedly Begged Organizers To Control The More Radical Elements Among Their Ranks

The Oakland Police were incredibly restrained and offered the rioters plenty of warnings before attempting to utilize crowd control measures. Pictures uploaded to social media show the number of fireworks, bottles, and other projectiles that were thrown at them. Lasers were used to impair the vision of the officers.

Some organizers did their best to prevent people from escalating to violence, ultimately, they failed

The Oakland Police gave organizers every opportunity to quell the violence in their group. In fairness, some of the organizers attempted to do so, albeit with the caveat that they weren’t going to try to stop people from being violent, they were merely going to disassociate from them. Using a megaphone, one organizer told the crowd, “if you’re about black lives, come with us” implying that those who want to break glass and cause destruction were not interested in the actual protest but were merely there to watch the world burn. Shortly thereafter, the splinter group went off and set the courthouse on fire.