Lying relatives of dead Columbus girl unable to spell her name or give her age

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Makhia Bryant, 16, was shot and killed by police in Columbus, Ohio early Tuesday evening when responding officers encountered the teenager in the middle of an attempt to stab another girl. In the aftermath of the shooting, relatives of the deceased made numerous claims. Some of those claims have now been determined to be outright lies.

More troubling is the fact that these relatives, purportedly close to the deceased, were unable to give consistent spellings of her name (or even her age) when asked by journalists on scene. First she was Ma’Khia Bryant. Then she was Makiyah Bryant. Finally, we learned she was actually Makhia Bryant.

Was she 15 or 16? Well, they weren’t quite sure on that front either. From the looks of things now that the dust has settled a bit, she was 16-years-old at the time of her death.

Bryant was living in fostercare despite having a father, mother, grandfather, and aunt—all “reliable” witnesses who were uncritically quoted by journalists just hours after the shooting took place. For some reason, the state determined that these individuals were deemed unable to care for Bryant, but they made perfect witnesses for the jackals in the press.

Four-Year-Old Murdered In “Targeted” Attack On Ohio Family, Mainstream Media Ignores The Story

Rowan Sweeney Was Just Four When He Died In His Mother’s Arms…And Just Like Cannon Hinnant There Will Be Little Coverage Or Interest From The Mainstream Media

On 21 September, in Struthers, Ohio, a four-year-old died in his mother’s arms after suffering wounds from being shot by what witnesses described as a “young, light-skinned, black male.” That shooter was later identified as Kimonie Devante Bryant, 24, who allegedly entered into the home through an unlocked door around 2 a.m. and began screaming. Survivors of the shooting—he shot everyone in the house—said that before they even had time to respond, Bryant began opening fire.

Bryant is facing one charge of aggravated murder with more charges to follow according to Struthers Police Captain Daniel Mamula. He will be arraigned in court this Friday.

Like in the case of five-year-old Cannon Hinnant and 17-year-old Veronica Baker, the mainstream media has largely ignored the story, with few large publications covering it. If you’re not seeing the pattern yet, we’ll spell it out explicitly later in this article.

As the Post-Gazette reports:

The child, Rowan Sweeney, died “tragically” in his mother’s arms, Chief Roddy said. The four adults — Cassandra Mariscola, 20; Alexis Schneider, 22; Yarnell Green, 20; and Andre McCoy, 20, were taken to St. Elizabeth Youngstown Hospital. All four adult victims were friends, police said.

“The two males are in critical condition, but the two women are OK,” Chief Roddy said. “The suspects left prior to our arrival. We didn’t stop processing the scene probably until about 10 a.m., and we’ve been following several leads going on 14 hours. So far no suspects have been arrested.” The victims reportedly told police they did not know the gunman, who ran away from the home. Chief Roddy said the suspect likely fled on foot. “Neighbors heard gunshots, but no one saw a vehicle driving away or anyone else,” the chief said.

Where Is The Media? Nowhere To Be Seen. And The Reason Is Obvious:

Would this story be ignored if it weren’t for the fact that the shooter was black and the child white? Would CNN ignore? Would the New York Times ignore it? Would the Washington post ignore it? None of them reported on Rowan Sweeney (see below).

We all know the answer: had the shooter been white and a shot a four-year-old black boy, there would be wall-to-wall coverage for weeks.

On Tuesday, Kimonie Devante Bryant turned himself into police for his involvement in the shooting.

David Sweeney, Rowan’s father

Neighbors and the entire community are coming together to help support Rowan’s family and memorialize his life:

“Soon as I found out about Rowan’s death on Monday, I wanted to turn Struthers red,” says John McCoy. Thanks to him and some helpful volunteers – even the bridge heading into the heart of Struthers will show the world what Rowan meant to everyone who lives there. “Lights are changing here in Struthers and then I got together with a few other people and we’re decorating downtown Struthers in honor of Rowan,” said McCoy.

The Daily Mail, one of the few major publications to cover this incident, quote Chief Tim Roddy saying the attack was “targeted”:

Chief Roddy stressed that it was not a random act of violence but rather a targeted attack.  According to the chief, investigators have several ‘good’ leads they are following at this time. 

Alexis Schneider, Rowan’s mother, was also wounded in a mass shooting. In the 911 call she can be heard screaming “my son is dead.” Cassandra Mariscola, 20; Yarnell Green, 20; and Andre McCoy, 20, who were also shot, were taken to St. Elizabeth Youngstown Hospital. None of the victims knew the gunman.

None Of The Major Liberal Publications Took Note Of The Murder:

At the time of this report, not a single major leftist publication has bothered to write about Rowan Sweeney.

Watch: “I’m Going To Kill Your Kids” Black Lives Matter Rioter Shouts At Police

Black Lives Matter Rioters Harass Peace Officers In Columbus, Ohio

Update: This incident began when Columbus Police pulled over a black motorist who began to make a scene. A crowd developed and an adhoc protest began.

A rioter with Black Lives Matter in Columbus, Ohio began threatening to kill the children of police officers during tonight’s “demonstration”. The well disciplined police looked on and unflinchingly took the verbal harassment. Eventually the harassment escalates into disgusting threats, with one of the Black Lives Matter participants shouting “I’m going to take your kids….I’m going to kill your kids.”

Protests have been happening nightly in the Ohio city since 28 May with participants demanding that the police be reformed or defunded.

The Entirety Of The Livestream Can Be Viewed Here:

Columbus Ohio police harassing people

Posted by Dave Johnson on Sunday, June 28, 2020