Oklahoma State University Bans White Student Staff From Joining Meeting, Says “Yes!” To Segregation

Oklahoma State University Says Yes To Anti-White Segregation, Violates Federal Law

Fred Dillard, the Interim Assistant Director of Residential Life at Oklahoma State University has seemingly violated the Civil Rights Act and, perhaps, the Equal Opportunity Protections Act by prohibiting white student “staff” from participating in a conference call for Residential Assistants in an email he sent out to student staff that was obtained by Nationalist Review.

Update: Nationalist Review has heard back from OSU regarding this incident. Their official statement has been included at the bottom of this piece.

An Attempt To Ban White Staff From Participating:

Dillard, who took over as the director in early July, has apparently chosen to polish his new seat with a little good ol’ fashion segregation. “This space is only for student staff of color,” his email ends, warning white “allies” and “non-staff of color” not to attempt to attend the social gathering.

Fred Dillard
Fred Dillard, Interim Assistant Director of Residential Life

OSU receives federal funding and it is therefore prohibited under Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 from discriminating against and excluding anyone on the basis of race. Since these excluded individuals are also “staff” according to Dillard’s email, an argument might be made that he is also violating the Equal Opportunity Protections Act (although, while RAs are compensated for their labor in many ways, the Department of Labor does not classify Residential Assistants as employees at this time).

Residential Assistants are students who are compensated for maintaining order in college dormitories throughout the country.

Title VI Of The Civil Rights Act Of 1964:

“No person in the United States shall, on the ground of race, color, or national origin, be excluded from participation in, be denied the benefits of, or be subjected to discrimination under any program or activity receiving Federal financial assistance.”

It’s pretty clear that Dillard isn’t really interested in upholding this standard.

Segregation Is Back On The Menu At OSU: The Text Of Dillard’s Email

“I am excited to write to you about the Student Staff of Color social tomorrow! We will be hosting a virtual social on zoom for oue student staff of color. This social is totally option, and not mandatory. We have a very loose agenda planned for tomorrow, that includes introductions, playing an online game, and also just spending some time chatting. If you would like to attend this social, please fill out this short form, so that we can get you the access information: https://forms.gle/QWXU1nR5yyGriVE28

Please note, this space is only for student staff of color, and not allies or non-staff of color. While we very much appreciate our allies, this is a space just for the student staff of color to be themselves.”

OSU Responds: “Not welcoming all staff members goes against our university and departmental values”

UPDATE: After publishing this piece, Nationalist Review received an email from OSU’s Monica Roberts reached out to request an update to this article and provided a statement from Leon McClinton, director of student housing and reslife. McClinton’s statement made no reference to the incident and was merely filled with platitudes about diversity and inclusion, ending with a comment about how anyone is welcome to join any session in the training program.

The entire response was framed in a manner that would confuse the reader into thinking that it was not whites who were barred from attending, but black people. Nationalist Review pushed back and received a second response from Roberts:

This has been a challenging time for all of our students. Between the national pandemic which by most accounts has hit the Black community especially hard, and the national racial tensions, the OSU staff member was trying to provide an opportunity for our residential staff of color to come together to support each other and their unique stressors during this time. However, not welcoming all staff members goes against our university and departmental values. The issue was corrected and everyone was invited to participate. Exclusion is not in line with university values to promote diversity and inclusivity and all those involved understand both the intent and the impact.