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Oregon Teacher Tells Anti-Lockdown Protesters To Commit Suicide

An episode of extreme feminist neuroticism unfolded in Bend, Oregon today as a teacher stopped her car in order to shout obscenities at protesters who were demonstrating against lockdowns and

Viral 4chan Posts Claim They’ve Found A Way To Change People’s Votes In Oregon (Fact Check)

Posts from the anonymous message board 4chan going incredibly viral on social media have made the claim that the Oregon and Washington election websites have been exploited to change voter

Video: Trump Supporter’s Home Vandalized Three Times In Two Months…Arrests Not Yet Made

An Oregon Trump Supporters Home Has Been Targeted Repeatedly In Recent Months… A Trump supporters home in Oregon’s Washington County was vandalized three times in the last two months. The

Video: Trump Supporters Beat Up Antifa At ‘American Lives Matter’ Rally

Violence Erupted At The Salem, Oregon Rest Stop Of The American Lives Matter Caravan And Multiple Arrests Have Been Made After over 100 nights of rioters burning America’s beloved cities,

Video: Antifa Rioter Awes Crowd With Accidental Human Torch Demonstration

If You Play With Fire, You’ll Get Burned… Antifa Rioter Learns Not To Get Too Close To The Flames During Portland’s 100th Night Of Black Lives Matter Violence Update: We

Videos: Residents Of Suburban Oregon Neighborhood Just Shut Down A Black Lives Matter Riot

Black Lives Matter Miscreants Attempted To Cause A Ruckus In Suburban Springfield, Oregon…The Neighbors Came Out To Tell Them To Take A Hike Imagine, if you will, you’re tucking your

Portland Riots: One Officer Injured, Activists Tell Police That Suicide Is Their Only Path To “Redemption”

As Tensions Between Rioters And Police Escalate In Portland, Activists Have Begun Calling For Police To Kill Themselves “Portland PD,” the man began. “I need you to do me a

Oregon Salon Owner Was Fined $14,000 And Then CPS Was Sent To Her Home

Lindsey Graham, a Salem, Oregon salon owner, was fined by OSHA for opening early. Then the government sent Child Protective Services to her home. Defying Oregon’s stay-at-home order, Graham opened