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Officer Shot In Pennsylvania, Man Wanted For Questioning In Connection To Shooting

An officer was shot in Mckeesport, Pennsylvania around 4:00 PM this afternoon sparking a massive police manhunt for an individual suspected to have been involved in the shooting. ATF, SWAT,

Rioting Newspaper Employee Arrested And Held On $1,000,000 Bail In Lancaster While Paper Tries To Hide It

Matthew Modderman, 31, Was Arrested For Arson, Institutional Vandalism, Riot, Disorderly Conduct, And Other Charges…He Is An Employee Of LNP Media Group, The Local Lancaster Newspaper Matthew Modderman is an

Videos: Pennsylvania Riots Night One – All The Violent Clips Black Lives Matter Doesn’t Want You To See In One Place

Lancaster, Pennsylvania Turned Violent After Rioters Intentionally Circulated Fake News About An Autistic Child Being Killed By Police If you want to skip ahead to the violence, we understand —

Video: Black Lives Matter Leader Who Called For Riots In Pennsylvania Sends Goons To Intimidate Journalists

Rioters Harass And Threaten Independent Journalists In Pennsylvania The riots in Lancaster, Pennsylvania have grown increasingly tense throughout the night. Earlier this evening, Nationalist Review reported that two Black Lives

Video: “This Is Not A Protest” Rioters Warn Parents With Children To Leave Before Violence Begins

Earlier this evening, a domestic disturbance call in Lancaster, Pennsylvania developed into an officer involved shooting after the subject reportedly charged police officers while wielding a knife. Black Lives Matter