Video: Police Officer In Baltimore Brutally Beaten And Knocked Unconscious

The Attack Comes One Day After A Bus Driver Was Executed By A Passenger

Police are searching for at least one suspect (pictured below) who is believed to have been involved in a viscious beating targeting a mass transit authority police officer in Baltimore earlier this afternoon.

Onlookers, who did nothing to render aid to the injured officer, can be heard laughing about how the assailant was a “boxer.”

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The attack on the transit officer comes just a day after the execution of a beloved city bus driver, Marcus Parks, who served residents of the city for 20 years before being killed by one of his passengers.

The victim of this beating has not had his name disclosed, but we do know he was transferred to a local hospital, his injuries are not life threatening, and he is believed to be in good condition. The videos are below and we will update this report as new information arrives.

Picture Of Suspected Assailant:

The suspect appears to be a black male, dressed in a grey tracksuit, and in his late 20s or 30s.

Reports From Local News:

The Local Fox Affiliate Baltimore Reports:

An MTA police officer has been taken to a hospital after being knocked unconscious, just a day after an MTA bus driver was shot to death in east Baltimore. Today’s assault happened near the Upton Metro Subway station on Pennsylvania Avenue in West Baltimore. The MDOT Maryland Transit Administration Police are attempting to identify the individual pictured below:

The Baltimore Sun’s report:

MTA spokeswoman Veronica Battisti confirmed that an officer was assaulted at the Upton Metro Station and transported to a local hospital with non-life-threatening injuries. A photo that surfaced online Friday afternoon showed an officer unconscious and slumped against a wall, with a caption showing that it happened in the 1700 block of Pennsylvania Ave.

Video: Two L.A. Sheriff Deputies Ambushed By Black Gunman Who Approached Their Vehicle And Emptied His Magazine

The Suspect Is Still At Large — Two Deputies Severely Wounded — One Male And One Female Currently Undergoing Emergency Surgery

Two hours ago, the LA County Sheriffs notified the public that two of their deputies were the victims of a random assassination attempt in Compton after a black gunman approached their vehicle, dumped his entire magazine into the front seats, and sprinted off. Both deputies suffered multiple gunshot wounds, are in critical condition, and undergoing emergency surgery.

The suspect is still at large. Little additional information is known at this time. The video below is grainy but may be shocking to younger viewers and discretion is advised. We will update this story as more facts come to light.

17-Year-Old Veronica Baker Murdered By Four Black Teenagers And The Mainstream Media Is Silent

Veronica Baker Was Scheduled To Start College Today, Instead Her Parents Are Planning Her Funeral. This Is The Type Of Story That Makes National Headlines When The Races Are Reversed…

Veronica Lee Baker, 17, was murdered in the parking lot of a Bojangles’ fast food chain in Raleigh, North Carolina. Four perpetrators responsible for the slaying—one of whom is also 17 and therefore remains unnamed—have been charged, with the unnamed 17-year-old allegedly pulling the trigger.

Update: The audio of the 911 call (below) indicates that she was stripped naked either before or after she was killed indicating that this was possibly a sexual assault. The parents have also stated that she new some of the individuals involved from school.

Keyshara Michelle Deans, 19, Nezyiha Zamir Collins, 19, and Tyreek Qumay Rogers, 18, were all charged with accessory after the fact. Their pictures can be found below.

Police arrived at the scene of the murder to find Baker dead in the front seat of her car, her engine running, lights on, and door open.

WRAL, an NBC affiliate, spoke to the parents of Veronica.

“She didn’t deserve to get shot and killed and left in a parking lot,” said Jim Baker, Veronica’s father. Her mother, Laura Baker, who spoke to the NBC affiliate before the announcement about charges were made told WRAL about the future that was robbed from her daughter: “She was my baby. She was my baby who had a future. She had such big, big plans for her future…My daughter would never hurt anybody. She didn’t have a fighting chance in this. She was a good girl; she has the biggest heart.”

At the time, the Bakers believed that their daughter was the victim of a robbery. No further information on a motive has been released by Raleigh law enforcement at the time of this report.

Veronica Baker’s body was found by a Bojangles’ employee who called 911. The audio of that call can be heard below.

Audio Of The 911 Call

The Faces Of The Perpetrators

National Media Remains Silent Yet Again

NBC and ABC, despite both having regional affiliates covering this story, have not issued a report on their national websites. Do you see the pattern developing? A similar chain of events followed the execution of 5-year-old Cannon Hinnant, whose story was only covered by CNN after the hashtag “Say His Name” trended nationwide for a full day. Hinnant’s murder also took place in North Carolina.

The powers that be in the media machinery simply do not care about a story if the victim is white.

Major Leftist Organizer Begs Followers To Dox Families Of Federal Agents

Amy Siskind, The Organizer Who Led 100,000 Protesters Through D.C. In 2019, Wants Her Half Million Followers To Dox Families Of Federal Agents

Amy Siskind is a horrible woman who apparently won’t be satisfied until she has blood on her hands. In a tweet published last night, she implicitly called for the wives and mothers of federal agents to be named and punished when the Trump Administration leaves office.

“It would be helpful if we could start to identify these storm troopers. This monster has a mother. Maybe a wife and family. They should be publicly named – and of course held accountable when this reign of terror is over,” she tweeted.

Siskind was the organizer behind the 2019 “We The People March” which led over 100,000 people through the streets of D.C. (and thousands more in ‘solidarity marches’ in cities across America) to protest the Trump Administration.

Now she’s threatening the families of American law enforcement officers.

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Watch: Portland Police Association Just Set On Fire By Antifa Arsonists

The Portland Police Association Has Been Set On Fire After Being Targeted By Antifa/BLM Arsonists

The Portland Police Association, the union that represents officers in the Portland Police department, has been set on fire tonight by members of the antifa-Black Lives Matter coalition that has been rioting in the city for the past 50 nights.

Protesters seem to have torn down a ‘no parking’ sign and, with the use of a ladder as a battering ram, smashed through the doors of the union lodge.

The arson attack comes just one night after it was announced that the union, sidestepping uncooperative city officials who snubbed the Trump administration, met with Secretary of Homeland Security Chad Wolf:

A photo posted by Wolf on social media this morning shows him meeting with an officer wearing a Portland Police Bureau insignia on his arm. It appears to be an informal meeting inside the federal courthouse. “These valiant men and women have defended our institutions of justice against violent anarchists for 48 straight days,” Wolf captioned it. “We will prevail.”

The Portland Police department has just issued a declaration of an unlawful assembly, deployed gas canisters in the area, and has moved in to make arrests.

At the time of this article, a large crowd has gathered around the building, breaking windows, starting fires, and generally causing as much structural damage as they can.

Earlier today, city council members demanded that Mayor Ted Wheeler relinquish all control over the department so that they may begin to partially defund and institute lawless “reforms” that will neuter the departments ability to respond to violence on the city’s streets.

Video: Antifa Psychopath Loses Her Mind, Strips Naked To “Protest” Portland Police

The Course Of Events Leading Up To The Bare Skin

Portland experienced one of its most violent and destructive nights yesterday evening. Rioters attempted to barricade officers inside the justice center using crowd control fences, they threw bottled and rocks, and they shot fireworks into the building they barricaded, risking the lives of everyone potentially trapped inside. If you clicked this link for the smut headline, don’t worry, we’ll get to that. It’s tucked away safely at the end. Viewer discretion is advised. NSFW. Etc.

A street preacher was also sprayed with silly string then held at gunpoint and carried off by the mob. A witness to another random assault on a civilian described a man being tied to a fence, beaten, and then having the fence tipped over so that it was pinning him underneath.

The 50th day of the riots was perhaps one of the most violent.

Federal and Portland police officers were mostly hands-off for the majority of the evening—it wasn’t until 1 AM that officers initiated their final crackdown, but by then the mob had distributed itself to such a variety of locations that a true suppression of the evenings violence wasn’t achieved until nearly 3 AM.

By all neutral accounts it was a tactical victory for the rioters and a shameful defeat for the side of law and order.

But one rioter took things to a different level—one with a triple X.

Few arrests were made. Gateway Pundit’s Cassandra Fairbanks put out a solid wrap up of the evening’s violence, so head over there to check out the additional clips.

In the meantime, a mature content warning stands for the remainder of this article.

The Naked Protester. . . (Content Warning)

The narrative being spread about this incident by antifa sympathizers is as follows: “Athena” bared it all in defense of her ideals and the police were unsure of how to respond. But take a look at the first video in the tweet below and you’ll see they had no problem taking shots at her and her shield-man.

Hundreds Of Liberals Celebrate The Death Of Police Officer, Attack Daughter Mourning His Loss

Black Lives Matter Scumbags Target Teenage Daughter Of Slain Cop

Savannah Chavez, the daughter of one of two Texas police officers shot and killed Saturday evening, posted on Twitter to mourn the loss of her father. In a functioning society, in normal times, one would expect the teenage girl to receive heart-warming responses sympathizing with her loss. Instead, a large portion of the replies and quote-tweets were from antagonistic antifa and Black Lives Matter aligned accounts mocking her and celebrating the death of her father.

“ACAB,” (“All Cops Are Bastards”) many users responded. Others said they were glad to know that her dad had finally become a ‘good’ cop, stating that the only good law enforcement officers were the dead ones.

Images, videos, and text replies came pouring in, with many users commenting that now was not the time to be posting about the topic, as if the young girl had any choice in the matter and should morn her father at a later date when it was more convenient to the thugs and vandals that have been destroying America.

Officer Ismael Chavez of the McAllen Police Department was shot and killed alongside his partner Officer Edelmiro Garza. He was 39 years old, a former economics and chemistry teacher, and a loving father.

Blue Lives Matter. Officer Chavez’ life mattered.

UPDATE: Savannah has deleted her tweet due to harassment. Here’s a screenshot.

Video: Detroit Police Drive Straight Through A Swarm Of Rioters

Detroit Black Lives Matter Rioters Get Tossed From Police Vehicle

Rioters in Detroit attempted to surround and impede a police officer who had his emergency lights on. The officer did what any man would do during these turbulent times: he hit the gas pedal. Take a look:

Video: One Shot At BLM Protest In Atlanta, BLM Assaulted Responding Police Officer

One Woman Shot In Leg During Rayshard Brooks Vigil In Atlanta

An unidentified shooter fired multiple shots during a vigil held for Rayshard Brooks, the black man lawfully killed by police after he assaulted an officer and stole his taser in an attempt to avoid arrest for driving while intoxicated. One woman was struck by the barrage.

Multiple attendees, who were heavily armed, then began returning fire. When responding officers arrived at the scene, one protester aggressively assaulted a member of the Atlanta police force.

The victim of the shooting, a woman, suffered a bullet wound to the leg that the Atlanta police department confirmed was not life threatening. The shooter seems to have taken up a position at a nearby gas station next to the Wendy’s where the protest was being held.

The shooting was just one of two that occurred this evening and another man was critically injured following an altercation that ended in gunfire around 10 PM.

At least 20 shots were discharged from at least three guns, victim of shooting was just a pace away from the man filming:

The streamer who was broadcasting the vigil was just an arm’s length away from the female victim.

When responding officers arrived at the scene, one protester assaulted them. He was not arrested:

One of the protesters at the vigil violently pushed one of the responding officers who arrived at the scene to assist with the situation. It does not appear that the perpetrator of the assault will face any criminal penalties for his actions and he was allowed to rejoin the other protesters moments later.

Moments before the gunfire erupted, video of protesters carrying rifles was released:

At this time no further information is available about the shooting. We will update this article when new facts come to light.

San Fran’s Gov’t Eating Itself Over Protests, MTA And Police Fighting Each Other

San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency Refused To Carry Police To Protest Sites, Police Officers Association Responded By Refusing To Offer Protection To Buses And Trains

Government agencies in San Francisco are turning against one another over the recent spate of violent protests taking place within the city.

On Tuesday, the city’s Municipal Transportation Agency (MTA) put out a statement saying that they would no longer assist the San Francisco Police Department with transporting riot response teams to the various protest sites in town.

In response, the Police Officers Association issued a statement of their own, threatening to withdraw any support for the public transportation system, telling the agency responsible that they can fend for themselves when people avoid paying fares or vagrants make a home out of the city’s buses.

The Police Officers Association Responds: “Lose Our Number”

“Hey Muni, lose our number next time you need officers for fare evasion enforcement or removing problem passengers from your buses and trains,” their response read. “Shouldn’t be a @SFPD officer’s job anyway. @SFPDChief should stop using us for this.”

“So we’re all clear. As city leaders demand cuts to SFPD, it needs to be clear what SFPD will no longer do. If a ride on an out of service bus to ensure peaceful protests is too offensive, then don’t send us in to provide ‘security’ services to catch fare jumpers. These are real issues that demand real discussions, not hashtags, as we all have to live with the results.”