Video: Antifa Agitators Punch, Throw Rocks At “Jews For Trump” Supporters During NYC Caravan

Multiple other acts of violence took place, see below for the complete set of videos:

This black bloc terrorist was quickly introduced to the pavement after throwing one of the weakest punches mankind has ever seen. The incident happened in New York today at the terminus of the “Jews For Trump” caravan that brought over 1,000 vehicles into the streets of New York in support President Trump’s reelection campaign.

The rioter in question throws a cheap shot from behind one of the pro-Trump participants before doubling down on cowardice and high-tailing it out of there. But he didn’t escape unscathed. A bystander, seeing the assault, quickly took action by tripping the assailant to the ground.

Multiple other Trump supporters are targeted with politically motivated violence, with one elderly man getting dragged around by his collar as the mob descended on him.

Other rioters targeted the pro-Trump vehicles, ripping down American flags and throwing red paint, rocks, and eggs at them:

One woman was arrested for spraying pepper spray on the Trump supporters:

Rocks were thrown at vehicles:

And eggs were tossed at them as well:

One man physically punched the passing vehicles:

GoFundMe Allowing Leftist Murderer Matthew Dolloff To Fundraise For His Legal Defense While Banning Similar Conservative Fundraisers

Despite removing numerous conservative fundraisers from the platform, GoFundMe is allowing the man who killed veteran Lee Keltner to collect money for his defense

Matthew Dolloff, 30, shot and killed Lee Keltner, 49, while illegally working as an armed and unlicensed “security guard” for NBC’s 9News during a conservative demonstration in Denver, Colorado. Now, Nationalist Review can report that Dolloff’s Twitter account is promoting a GoFundMe page in order to raise money for his legal defense. Dolloff is now facing charges of second degree murder.

This news comes on the heels of GoFundMe’s repeated suspension and banning of campaigns founded to support conservatives in their legal battles—most noticeably their deletion of numerous fundraisers on behalf of 17-year-old Kyle Rittenhouse, the Kenosha shooter.

The page is deceptively titled “Samantha Dolloff” and the fundraiser’s description begins with the phrase “in Sami’s time of need,” but quickly drops the pretense that this is for Dolloff’s wife. “To everyone that knows Sami,” it reads, “we are looking for your help to support her in build (sic) a legal defense fund for Matt. Please help in whatever amount you can.”

Time will tell whether GoFundMe will choose to apply the same standard across their entire platform—will they treat Matthew Dolloff with the same discourtesy that they delivered to Kyle Rittenhouse? GoFundMe previously removed multiple campaigns to fund his defense, while refusing to cite what specific aspect of their terms of service those campaigns had violated.

While Rittenhouse was wrongly accused of extremist affiliation—absurdly due to his support for Blue Lives Matter—Dolloff has been openly flirting with left-wing extremists, frequently sharing posts from Occupy movements while adding his own comments such as “FTP (F*** The Police).”

NBC’s 9News was quick to shift blame away to Pinkerton, the infamous detective agency, whom they contracted with to provide security services since race riots began earlier this year in June. Pinkerton, for their part, chose to pass the buck to their subcontractor, Isborn Security Services.

In videos that captured the shooting, Dolloff can be seen reaching for Keltner’s holstered gun prompting Keltner to defensively slap him in the face. Dolloff then draws his own sidearm, and Keltner responds by telling him to holster it. The 49-year-old veteran then deploys mace in Dolloff’s direction and Dolloff discharges his weapon, killing him.

It’s worth noting that, while 9News maintains that they have made it a policy to contract armed security guards to protect their reporters, they’ve repeatedly told the American public that the demonstrations are “mostly peaceful” and the inherent contradiction between the private actions of the news agency and the language in their publications should not be ignored.

This passing of blame coincides with the revelation that 9News anchor Kyle Clark is viewed by Antifa as a sympathetic party.

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