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Viral 4chan Posts Claim They’ve Found A Way To Change People’s Votes In Oregon (Fact Check)

Posts from the anonymous message board 4chan going incredibly viral on social media have made the claim that the Oregon and Washington election websites have been exploited to change voter

Video: Portland Antifa Destroy Statues Of Abraham Lincoln And Teddy Roosevelt In “Day Of Rage”

Petulant Morons Angry About Columbus Day Took To The Streets Of Portland To Destroy America’s History In incoherent rants, the so-called “indigenous” sect of antifa organized a “Day of Rage”

Video: Antifa Rioter Awes Crowd With Accidental Human Torch Demonstration

If You Play With Fire, You’ll Get Burned… Antifa Rioter Learns Not To Get Too Close To The Flames During Portland’s 100th Night Of Black Lives Matter Violence Update: We

“We Reached Out To Police…” Sister Of Portland Assassin Rolls On Her Brother

The Sister Of Michael Reinoehl Has Confirmed That Her Brother Is The One Responsible For The Slaying Of Aaron Danielson Nationalist Review was first to report on the crowdsourced investigation

Portland Shooter Allegedly Identified By 4Chan: This Is The Supposed Killer Black Lives Matter Celebrated

Late last night, Nationalist Review reported that a member of the conservative and pro-police group Patriot Prayer was assassinated on the streets of Portland. Today, just hours after the shooting

Video: “We Took Out The Trash” Black Lives Matter Cheers Murderer Of Pro-Police Activist In Portland

Black Lives Matter Gathered Around One Of Their Leaders Who Announced The News In A Celebratory Fashion Here’s how Black Lives Matter reacted to the news that a conservative supporter

Video: Trump Supporter Killed By Black Lives Matter In Portland Riot This Evening (Shooter On Tape)

Nationalist Review Can Confirm That The Individual Shot In Portland This Evening Was A Trump Support Affiliated With Patriot Prayer And We Have Footage Of The Shooter The victim of

Video: Black Lives Matter Leader Xavier “Princess” Warner Assaults Trans Person, Sparking Beating Of Adam Haner

Meet Xavier “Princess” Warner, A Leader Of Black Lives Matter, A Darling Of The Local Media, And A Vicious Street Criminal Xavier “Princess” Warner is a thug who fired one

GoFundMe Started For Adam Haner, Victim Of A Black Lives Matter Attempted Murder

Adam Haner Has Been Identified As The Victim Of The Near Deadly Attack On The Truck Driver In Portland That Nearly Left The Good Samaritan Dead In The Roadway Adam

Video: Second Portland Rioter Who Tried To Kill Driver Tied To Black Lives Matter Leaders And Wall Of Moms Organizer

Late Last Night Black Lives Matter Members Dragged A Man From His Truck Then Nearly Beat Him To Death…They’re Directly Tied To The Black Lives Matter Leadership In Portland Nationalist