Video: Trump Supporters Beat Up Antifa At ‘American Lives Matter’ Rally

Violence Erupted At The Salem, Oregon Rest Stop Of The American Lives Matter Caravan And Multiple Arrests Have Been Made

After over 100 nights of rioters burning America’s beloved cities, Trump supporters, conservatives, and rational Americans nationwide are understandably fed up. Today, a caravan of over 1,000 Trump supporters made their way through Salem, Oregon. Naturally, Black Lives Matter and antifa-affiliated rioters showed up to offer a counter protest.

Little information about what provoked these fights is known at this time, we’re bringing you the raw footage and will update this post with new information when it arrives.

Most of the clips below are from antifa-aligned journalists who embedded themselves into the conservative side of the protest. We cannot make any determinations about what caused this clash using their commentary and narratives. Trump supporters are not known to act out violently, so Nationalist Review suspects that further information, when it arrives, will reveal that they were provoked.


Tackling Antifa:

We believe this fight was instigated by antifa, the woman who pepper sprays the man at the end says “that’s for everything that you did to me.”

Police Have Attempted To Diffuse The Situation By Sending Both Groups To Separate Corners:

Apologies For The Commentary From The Streamer In This One…

A pervert is maced: