Major Portland Rioter Organization Receives $300,000 In Donations Then Promptly Ceases Operations

RiotRibs, A Food Stand That Has Been Distributing Free Food To Those Participating In The Portland Riots, Received Over $300,000 In Donations…A Few Days After This Announcement They Closed Down Their Operation

The violent riots in Portland have been waging war against the city for over 60 days, and partially sustaining that effort is an organization known as Riot Ribs. Riot Ribs puts up food tents on the edge of the riot zone and offers those engaging in miscreant behavior a place to refuel their bellies for free.

From the perspective of the anarchists and Black Lives Matter participants, Riot Ribs is offering an invaluable service. But after a recent announcement, where Riot Ribs disclosed that they would no longer be taking donations and that they currently have over $300,000 in cash on hand, the free food venue notified riot participants that they would be closing their doors and ceasing operations.

Among their statements made regarding their decision is a curious part about how they have been made ‘unsafe’ by some elements of the Portland Rioters with whom they have previously associated with. “We’ve been personally targeted and assaulted,” the director of the operation, Beans, wrote to his followers.

If you want to understand how these riots have been sustained for such a long time, look no further than the key detail from above: a single food vendor has amassed a small fortune in donations. There is a substantial sum of money rolling in to support these criminals.

In a Twitter post made earlier this evening, Riot Ribs announced their decision claiming that it has become “unsafe” for them to continue to operate:

You can read the thread here. (Archive)

“Riot Ribs is dissolving completely. We have someone who is trying to profit off of our movement who continues to volunteer in the park, pretending he’s involved with Riot Ribs. All volunteers should leave the park immediately and do not continue to come to the tents. Tell anyone you know that’s at the park to leave. We are going to regroup and will be back.”

“Things are not safe right now. We have been personally targeted and assaulted, making it unsafe. We still plan on giving all money back to the community, but we cannot safely continue to provide food right now. We are not abandoning this movement. We will continue to feed everyone, just not right now.”

New leadership, new money, and a quick departure:

Some users pointed out that the command structure of Riot Ribs changed in recent days. They seemingly ceded their control, along with the now infamous “Wall of Moms,” to a third party organization known as Don’t Shoot PDX. When asked if their decision to shutter was related to that change in leadership and whether the centralization of these three organizations would become problematic to the grassroots riot movement, Riot Ribs claimed that they were not influenced to closed by Don’t Shoot PDX but that they shared the concerns about centralization.

And while Riot Ribs claims they will be giving all donated money ‘back to the community,’ at this time it is unclear how they intend to do that and whether there are any mechanisms in place to confirm that they will do so. The nature of these riots is incredibly decentralized despite recent moves towards centralization and they do not offer much transparency behind their black-clad riot blocs.

Riot Ribs claims that they have had a number of associates step out of line and ask for donations on unaffiliated pages. Perhaps the only fraud to read about here is related to those incidents, but for now, all we know is that an organization which received $300,000 is bowing out for the time being with promises to return and relinquish the money. Whether that return actually materializes or whether this is an exit strategy remains to be seen. Perhaps, the money will merely be transferred to Don’t Shoot PDX. Time will tell and Nationalist Review will stick to this story.