Video: Rioters Attempt To Assault Rand Paul, Throw Police Officer Who Intervenes To The Ground

Rioters Surrounded Senator Rand Paul Then Threw A Police Officer Who Intervened To The Ground Following The Closing Of The Republican National Convention

Senator Rand Paul was the victim of a would-be assault following his departure from the Republican National Convention. Rioters encircled Paul and his wife, Kelly Paul, and began shouting obscenities. Paul and his police escort managed to find a path through the crowd but were briefly held up when an officer using a bike as a barricade was pushed down by the mob.

The emboldened street criminals have become so confident in their uprising that they’ve begun starting street fights with officers (see below).

Paul tweeted his thanks to the officers who helped him make his escape.

The Assault (Second Video)

Rioters Had The Senator Surrounded:

Street Fights Erupt Between Officers And Rioters:

Avatar, Inception Actor Says Barron Trump Will “Die Of Fentanyl Poisoning”

Dileep Rao, Known For His Role Alongside Leonardo DiCaprio In Inception Spares No Mercy For President’s Young Teenage Son…

Most people who watched the close of the Republican National Convention tonight were shocked by how tall Barron Trump has grown in such a short time. Shots of the young boy towering over the Vice President resulted in a number of tweets about how the kid belonged in the National Basketball Association. But some individuals took things too far.

A lighthearted tweet about how President Trump’s four children may one day result in all of them competing for the office turned sour when a C-list actor jumped in to predict the demise of the president’s youngest son. (Archive)

“I, for one, am looking forward to the republican presidential primary fought primarily between the four trump heirs,” New York Times journalist Jamelle Bouie wrote. “They will call this period, when it comes, the Four Dynasties period,” he continued. Then he added, “of course after the succession wars of the 2050s, Barron Trump will emerge to unite the fractured union under the rule of Trump the Second, President and God Emperor of America.”

That’s when Dileep Rao decided to jump in: “Barron Trump will die of fentanyl poisoning in his early thirties. Sadly.”

Rao will be starring in the upcoming sequel to Avatar in which he will reprise his role as the xenobiologist Dr. Max Patel.

Frankly, unless a politicians child is directly engaged in a political movement (Ilhan Omar’s daughter, for example) we feel it’s unacceptable to make such disturbing comments about them.