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Tag: San Francisco

San Francisco Government To Pay Black Women $1,000 A Month To Have Children

The Program Is Partially Funded By The San Francisco Government And Will Give Checks To Minority Pregnant Women For Each Month Of Their Pregnancy And For The First Six Months

Video: Black Conservative In San Francisco Shouts “White Lives Matter” While Confronting Liberals

Here’s A Video Making The Rounds Today — YouTube User “Savage Audits” Makes The Case For The Sanctity Of All Lives In San Francisco YouTuber “Savage Audits” made his way

Video: LGBT Rioters Spray Paint In San Francisco Cop’s Face

Queer Rioters Attack San Francisco Cops At “Pride Is A Riot” Demonstration A riot broke out at a demonstration in San Francisco dedicated to defunding the police. A number of

San Fran’s Gov’t Eating Itself Over Protests, MTA And Police Fighting Each Other

San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency Refused To Carry Police To Protest Sites, Police Officers Association Responded By Refusing To Offer Protection To Buses And Trains Government agencies in San Francisco

SanFran’s Dept of Health Giving Weed, Alcohol To Quarantined Homeless

San Francisco’s Health Department has confirmed startling suspicions that the city was providing alcohol, tobacco, marijuana, and other substances to the homeless population currently isolated in hotels leased by the

San Fran’s socialist DA, adopted son of Weather Underground terrorists, fires 7 prosecutors

Chesa Boudin, San Francisco’s new District Attorney, was just a toddler when his parents were convicted of murdering two police officers and a security guard during a failed robbery attempt.