Man Admits He Scammed “Dumb” Trump Supporters Out Of Donation Money

Esteban Hernandez: Leftist Scammer Who Defrauded Trump Supporters

Here’s a story that will test your faith in humanity. Meet “Esteban Hernandez” a Facebook and Twitter user who has been celebrating his defrauding of Trump supporters for the past few weeks on social media.

All told, he walked away with thousands of dollars before GoFundMe closed his campaign and Facebook terminated his account. At the time of this report, he has not been prosecuted and continues to brag on social media about his scheme. Hernandez claims to have successfully withdrawn the money.

Perhaps the most heinous facet of his scheme is the timing and nature: Hernandez claimed to have COVID-19 in order to promote his pleas and allegedly took money from individuals during a time when many families in America were out of work and struggling to make ends meet.

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If Hernandez is lying about the money—evidence unfortunately points to him telling the truth—you will see below that he certainly made an attempt at scamming Trump supporters, encouraged others to do the same, and invested a considerable amount of time in doing so.


Hernandez, who may or may not be using his real name, created a GoFundMe campaign claiming to be a “Latino Trump supporter” who recently became homeless. Using a Facebook account, he herded numerous do-gooders to his profile, eventually amassing some 3,500 friends from conservative circles. Then, after they came to him out of the goodness of their hearts, he scammed scores of charitable Christian Trump supporters who reached out to support him.

Hernandez seems to have hatched his plan sometime around June 18th:

Here’s what his Go Fund Me page said:

“I have been an avid supporter of the truth all my life. I strongly support our current leadership that is Donald Trump. I have recently been kicked out of my parents home for standing up against the snowflake liberals. After constant arguing with my family, my parents said that I am no longer Mexican and that I am disappointment. I will not stop fighting for what is right. I will not be brainwashed by the media to go against the police. I will always stand with Blue Lives Matter because those men and women that protect us are under attack. I hope my fellow conservatives can help me in my time of need. I was working in the oilfield and due to this virus, I am out of job. Help me get back on my feet. I truly need anything. I stand with our President to Make America Great Again and I trust in my fellow Americans.”

An archive of the GoFundMe page is available, Nationalist Review created it from a text-only cache held on Google’s web servers from just two days after his campaign began. Screenshots posted by Hernandez indicate that he began receiving money shortly after this point.

Ultimately, his scam was shut down, but not before he walked away with a sizable chit for his misdeeds.

Soon enough, the donations came pouring in…

Feeling no remorse, Hernandez bragged repeatedly about defrauding Trump supporters

Away from Facebook, Hernandez posted screenshots of Trump supporters telling him they had his back and pictures of donation notifications he received.