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Tag: Seattle

Seattle City Government Hires Ex-Pimp To Be “Street Czar” With $150,000 Payment

Andre Taylor Is A Thug Who Ran Girls For Cash, Impregnated His Call Girls, And Can Now Add Being Contacted By The Government To His Resume When asked why the

Antifa Says ‘Riots Are To Prevent Police From Responding To Usual 911 Calls, Allow City Crime To Flourish’

Antifa Organizers Are Implementing A Dangerous Strategy—Stretch Police Resources So Thin That They Cannot Respond To Normal Emergency Calls From Victims Of Violent Crime. . .So They Can Claim Policing

Black Lives Matter Mob Demands Whites Leave The Neighborhood, Transfer All Property To Black People In Seattle

Video: Late Last Night, A Quiet Seattle Neighborhood Was Disturbed By A Black Lives Matter Mob That Demanded All White Residents Transfer All Their Property To Black People The mob

Seattle To Force All White City Employees To Admit They Are Racists

White City Employees In Seattle Must Undergo “Segregated” Courses Where They Admonish Themselves For Being Racists, According To Documents Released By Independent Journalist Christopher Rufo The Seattle Office of Civil

Watch: Seattle Rioters Are Setting Fire To Businesses Forcing Residents Living Above To Evacuate

In Broad Daylight, Seattle Rioters Have Begun Striking Matches And Launching Arson Attacks Across The City A Youth Detention Center Currently Under Construction Has Been Set On Fire Rioters Have

Watch: Seattle Rioters Destroy Store Owned By Police Officer’s Wife

Rove Vintage, A Store Owned By A Police Officer’s Wife Was Sacked And Burned In An Act Of Ignorant Vengeance For The Justified Shooting Of Charleena Lyles Antifa and Black

Seattle Mayor Admits Marxist Organization Infiltrated City Council In Shocking Disclosure

Mayor Jenny Durkan Requested The Removal Of Council Member Kshama Sawant For “Recklessly” Undermining Safety And Violating The Law In a stunning declaration from Seattle Mayor Jenny A. Durkan, the

Video: A Postmates Driver With The Handle “White People Hate” Followed And Terrorized A White Woman To Her Home

Karlos Dillard, a driver for the delivery service Postmates, followed a white woman to her home, harassed and lied about his previous encounter with her, and uploaded it to social

Japanese Reporter Tries To Prove BLM Is Peaceful, Leaves With A Black Eye 15 Minutes Later

Video: A Japanese Artist, Activist, And Reporter Headed To The CHAZ Protest To Prove That Black Lives Matter In Seattle Was Peaceful. 15 Minutes Later He Left With A Black

Video: “Delete That Sh*t” CHAZ Organizers Rush To Purge Evidence Of Latest Shooting

Another Night In The Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone Ends In Gunshots—Organizers Attempt To Steal Phones And Delete Footage Organizers of the Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone in Seattle have been attempting