Seattle City Government Hires Ex-Pimp To Be “Street Czar” With $150,000 Payment

Andre Taylor Is A Thug Who Ran Girls For Cash, Impregnated His Call Girls, And Can Now Add Being Contacted By The Government To His Resume

When asked why the city was paying an ex-pimp to run the streets of Seattle, Sam Read, a spokesman for the Department of Neighborhoods, claimed it was a means to build a partnership with organizations representing the black community. The best organization they could find was apparently run by a career criminal.

“You ain’t strong enough to stop whatever I’m doing,” Taylor said in webcast from just this past June. He then goes on to discuss how, while working as a pimp, he impregnated some of the women who he sold out on the streets. (video below)

“We decided [to be] like the mafia”

In 1999, Taylor was featured in the documentary American Pimp which examined the “pimping subculture” in America. “We decided we were going to be in this subculture, like the mafia, whether you like it or not. It wasn’t about you…we knew you considered us the waste of the world from the beginning,” Taylor said.

He became a prominent Seattle figure after his brother, a convicted rapist, robber, and drug dealer was shot and killed by police while reaching for a handgun.

This isn’t the first time the city has paid Taylor, either. In 2019, he and his group were paid $100,000 to host an event called “Conversations With The Street.”

No, this isn’t that 1988 Eddie Murphy flick.

Local news pathetically dropped the ball and failed to research Taylor’s background, opting instead to describe him as an “activist.”

“The city of Seattle has entered into a contract with Andre Taylor, a high-profile civic activist who will become the city’s first “Street Czar,” a role that has come under fire from some in the community. Under the terms of the year-long contract, the city will pay Taylor and his group, called Not This Time, $150,000 to provide “expertise and support services in de-escalation, community engagement, and alternatives to policing.” The city’s contract was first reported by Publicola.” – KOMONews

The city offered Taylor and his group, “Not This Time,” the contract way back in June, effectively demonstrating that the riots served as an extortion measure to provide lowlife gutter-scrapers like Taylor an opportunity to siphon tax-payer dollars into their own coffers. Taylor apparently balked at their initial offer, saying the city “can’t put a price tag on going into community meetings and having sit downs with gang members.” He eventually signed a deal late in July.

And as Seattle mulls over how to manage their plan to defund the police, it’s hard to picture a more imaginative way for them to waste even more money in the future.

Social workers? That’s been one-upped. What’s worse than paying a literal criminal to fulfill the role of “street Czar?” Nationalist Review is sure they’ll think of something.

There’s no such thing as a nonviolent pimp. It’s a business riddled drugs and rape and abuse and murder. Taylor has almost certainly had a hand in at least some of that.

Taylor’s Brother: Che Taylor, A Rapist, Robber, And Drug Dealer, Was Killed By The Police

Che Taylor

Taylor rose to spotlight following the death of his brother, who died during an attempted arrest for drug possession. The younger Taylor had previously been convicted of rape and robbery and had outstanding drug warrants.

The shooting was lawful, and a handgun was recovered from the scene of the shooting.

Antifa Says ‘Riots Are To Prevent Police From Responding To Usual 911 Calls, Allow City Crime To Flourish’

Antifa Organizers Are Implementing A Dangerous Strategy—Stretch Police Resources So Thin That They Cannot Respond To Normal Emergency Calls From Victims Of Violent Crime. . .So They Can Claim Policing Is Generally Ineffective. At Least One Woman Was Assaulted When They Put This Strategy To A Test.

A widely circulated tweet is encouraging rioters to continue putting pressure on police officers in Seattle and Portland in order to stretch their resources to their maximum limit and disable their ability to respond to serious emergencies throughout the city. “A key emergent goal of our nightly clashes with the cops is attrition,” writes the user responsible, “exhausting them physically and financially, interfering with their ability to police-as-usual.”

“Thus we should force them to use more cops, or lose.”

Can you see where this is going? Antifa is willing to let innocent civilians come to harms way and possibly even lose their lives for what they see as the “greater good.”

Essentially, the goal is to exhaust all police resources on the rioters so that when an emergency call comes in, such as an assault, the police are unable to send anyone over to help the person in need.

That tactic was tested the other night in Seattle and a woman was assaulted as a result.

“Our Purpose Is To Grind Policing To A Halt…”

There has also been some talk about finding ways to surround the police which, according to the user, would give the rioters “many options to contest control of the situation.” In other words, they can counter with their own violence.

So How Effective Are These Tactics? They Were Put To A Test:

While Police Resources Reached Their Breaking Point In Seattle, One Woman Was Violently Assaulted On The Other Side Of The City And Officers Were Unable To Respond

After calling more rioters to the site that the police were working to clear, a call came through over the scanner: a homeless woman had been viciously assaulted. But due to the strategy implemented by the Seattle rioters, all police resources were expended on handling them. No one was able to respond to the woman in need. And that’s exactly what antifa wanted. Here’s a propaganda account trying to say that the Seattle Police Department should be defunded because of their inability to respond to regular crime during a riot:

Black Lives Matter Mob Demands Whites Leave The Neighborhood, Transfer All Property To Black People In Seattle

Video: Late Last Night, A Quiet Seattle Neighborhood Was Disturbed By A Black Lives Matter Mob That Demanded All White Residents Transfer All Their Property To Black People

The mob stopped outside of a random residence where white people were enjoying an evening with their friends and immediately began harassing the homeowner, demanding that they forfeit their property to black people. Sexual comments were launched, demands for wallets to be opened were made, and an otherwise peaceful night was ruined for a group of civilized people who the rioters had no reason to target.

“Do you know that you are living in a historically black neighborhood right now? Do you know that? Do you know that before that your white a** get here, this was all black people? Do you know that? Do you know that people like you came in here and basically bought all the land from black people for less than it was worth, kicked them out, so that you could live here? Do you know that? Because if you don’t, now you f***ing do. Now do something about it.”

“Open Your Wallets…Give Us Your House…”

“Open your wallets,” a woman on a megaphone says.

“What the f*** are you gonna do? You live in a historically black neighborhood, you live in a gentrified neighborhood. You’re part of that gentrification. So how are you gonna fix it? What are you gonna do to fix it? Because you’re part of that gentrification, that racism. So how are you gonna fix it? What are you gonna do to fix it? You are living on black people land right now. Black people lived here, too.

Then the man finished with a crass sexual comment about what the homeowner’s mother. “Nothing? A stone cold nothing, huh? See, that’s why your mom should have swallowed.”

Then the woman with the megaphone takes over again: “Give us your house, give black people back their homes. You’re sitting their comfortably, comfortable as f***…but I used to live in this neighborhood. I grew up here and my family was pushed out! And you’re sitting up there with your other white friends!”

Seattle To Force All White City Employees To Admit They Are Racists

White City Employees In Seattle Must Undergo “Segregated” Courses Where They Admonish Themselves For Being Racists, According To Documents Released By Independent Journalist Christopher Rufo

The Seattle Office of Civil Rights developed an alarming course that segregates white city employees and forces them to attend courses on “institutionalized racial superiority” (IRS) and guilt them into accepting the premises of critical race theory. The documents were first released by independent journalist Christopher Rufo.

Those taking the course will be tasked with explaining how “white supremacy” and whether they are disrupting people of color at work by bringing along their “white fragility” to the workplace.

Employees are also forced to explain how, within the past three months, they’ve been racist by “implicating themselves in the system of white supremacy” according to Rufo. These individuals must share a story about how they’ve “caused harm to a person of color.”

The program is called “internalized Racial Superiority For White People” with goal, stated by the Office of Civil Rights, being to convince white employees to “redistribute resources, change who’s in power [and] alter institutions.”

The office claims that white employees exhibit characteristics of white supremacy by holding values such as “individualism,” “objectivity,” and “intellectualism.”

Rufo describes the program as an exhibition of “segregation, group-based guilt, and race reductionism,” and plans to file a civil rights complaint against the office responsible for instituting the program, arguing that they’ve created a new form of “institutional racism” of their own that targets white people.

Watch: Seattle Rioters Are Setting Fire To Businesses Forcing Residents Living Above To Evacuate

In Broad Daylight, Seattle Rioters Have Begun Striking Matches And Launching Arson Attacks Across The City

  • A Youth Detention Center Currently Under Construction Has Been Set On Fire
  • Rioters Have Set Fire To A Starbucks, Residents Living Above Have Been Forced To Evacuate
  • Firefighters have arrived on scene to quell the flames

Riots are kicking off in Seattle and the Trump Administration has stationed federal agents in the city to protect government buildings. The violent riots, which have begun uncharacteristically early in the day, have already claimed to scalps: a Starbucks coffee shop and a youth detention center. Both buildings are currently on fire.

A standoff between rioters and law enforcement officers on scene of what rioters refer to as the “Western Barricade”

Ferrari Dealership Escapes Unscathed As An Armed Guard Warns Protesters “It’s Not Worth It”

Watch: Seattle Rioters Destroy Store Owned By Police Officer’s Wife

Rove Vintage, A Store Owned By A Police Officer’s Wife Was Sacked And Burned In An Act Of Ignorant Vengeance For The Justified Shooting Of Charleena Lyles

Antifa and Black Lives Matter militants ransacked and burned the wares of a small vintage clothing store operated by the wife of Steven McNew who was involved in a lawful killing of an armed black woman who charged at him with a knife. The video documenting their destruction may be viewed below.

First, we’d like to provide a bit of background information on the incident that rioters have used to justify their violence. Further below, we’ve documented how, in the days leading up to this attack, BLM sympathizers (and even major American corporations) have emboldened their destruction.

Charleena Lyles had a history of mental illness, but also a history of responding violently to police:

Three years ago, Charleena Lyles was killed by two Seattle Police officers who responded to a call about an attempted burglary at her address. Shortly after the officers arrived on scene, Lyles charged at them with a knife. The officers shouted at her to get back, she continued her charge, and unfortunately the officers, lacking any non-lethal means to subdue her, were forced to fire their weapons at her. Lyles was previously homeless, has three children, and a history of mental health issues. By all accounts, it’s a tragic incident. But the shooting was justified. In a previous incident, Lyles had charged at other Seattle officers while wielding a pair of scissors.

The burning of Rove Vintage:

One of the officers involved, Steven McNew, has a wife who operates a vintage clothing store called Rove Vintage. You can see her store being looted and her wares being burned in the video below:

After the burning was done, verified profiles on Twitter celebrated the destruction as a “liberation”

The officers involved in the shooting were cleared by a review board and a judge presiding over a lawsuit related to the incident sided with their actions:

A review board found that the officers had acted according to their training: “The department’s Force Review Board found the two officers used proper tactics and decision-making, followed their training and did not violate policies.”

The Guardian even admits that officers had reason to believe that the call was interpreted as a risk to the responding officers’ safety:

“Law enforcement on Monday released a four-minute audio recording of the fatal encounter, which captures an officers saying, “We need help” and “Get back! Get back!” before they fired a stream of bullets.”

It’s unclear how the burglary investigation escalated to a fatal shooting. Although the police department would typically only send one officer to investigate a burglary, police said that two officers investigated in this case “due to information pertaining to this address that presented an increased risk to officers”.

The Guardian gets this last bit wrong. One officer responded to the call and then immediately radioed for back up after he noticed that Lyles had threatened officers that responded to a previous incident. The Seattle Times reports:

“Anderson, the first officer called to the scene, asked for a second officer after discovering there was an officer-safety caution on Lyles stemming from a June 5 domestic-disturbance incident. In that case, Lyles threatened the officers with a pair of long scissors before dropping them.”

When the total sum of facts were presented to judge presiding over a lawsuit against the City of Seattle, the judge sided with the officers. Lyles’ family had their day in court and the case was closed. But that wasn’t good enough for the miscreants currently destroying the cities of America, so they took it on out Officer Steven’s wife. And they weren’t alone, either. Even Yelp chimed in.

Yelp went out of their way to indicate they believe the business is owned by a racist and BLM sympathizers made sure everyone knew what to target during the riots:

Yelp, the consumer review site that helps local business owners gain exposure through testimonials from patrons, posted a disclaimer on Rove Vintage’s page alerting users to the “unusual activity” and their decision to halt reviews. While that is all well in good, Yelp also added an additional tidbit about how they abhor racism, implying that the officer (whose wife operates the business) might be a racist and that the official company position agrees with those defaming them:

“Yelp and we unequivocally reject racism in any form, all reviews on Yelp must reflect an actual first-hand consumer experience (even if that means disabling the ability for users to express points of view we might agree with).”

Widespread posts had targeted the building leading up to the attack this evening:

Sympathizers justified the attack:

Check out more of our coverage related to the ongoing riots below:

Seattle Mayor Admits Marxist Organization Infiltrated City Council In Shocking Disclosure

Mayor Jenny Durkan Requested The Removal Of Council Member Kshama Sawant For “Recklessly” Undermining Safety And Violating The Law

In a stunning declaration from Seattle Mayor Jenny A. Durkan, the City of Seattle has admitted to an infestation of far left Marxist organizations which have gained a foothold in the city government itself.

Durkan made the announcement in a letter addressed to city council president M. Lorena Gonzalez.

“This letter requests that the Council exercise its Charter duties and fully investigate Councilmember Kshama Sawant and determine if action should be taken,” the letter reads.

Sawant is accused of allowing the Socialist Alternative party to choose the hiring and firing practices of city council employees, leading an illegal protest inside a closed city hall, doxing the mayor’s address, and engaging in electioneering from her city council office using both staff and office equipment.

Mayor Durkan has hilariously traded barbs with President Trump, claiming that the Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone/Occupation Protest (CHAZ/CHOP) was not a “lawless wasteleand of anarchist insurrection” but rather a “peaceful expression of our community’s collective grief.”

Durkan’s views on that matter have seemingly evolved after a series of violent shootings took place in the zone and ultimately her house was targeted for a protest.

What follows are excerpts from Durkan’s letter:

The National Executive Committee Of The Socialist Alternative Party Ordered Sawant To Fire City Employees

“Relinquishing authority of her office and disregarding City employment and hiring rules. In Councilmember Sawant’s case, the media has uncovered documents suggesting that she may have effectively delegated decisions regarding the hiring and termination of City employees to an outside political organization. According to the documents, the National Executive Committee and the Seattle Executive Committee of the Socialist Alternative party had authority over staffing decisions for the City Council office. At least one employee was allegedly fired as the result of a decision of the Executive Committee of this political organization, and that employee protested that firing was the result of political retaliation.”

Sawant Allowed Rioters To Enter And Trash City Hall

“Using her official position, gave access to City facilities to admit hundreds of individuals at night into City Hall when it was closed to the public because of COVID-19 and failing to follow the City’s COVID-19 precautions for the visitors. Her actions put the safety of individuals and City workers at risk, and it led to janitorial staff making complaints about the incident because of safety concerns.”

“Her actions put the safety of individuals and city workers at risk”

She Even Encouraged Rioters To Take Over The East Precinct (CHAZ/CHOP)

“Using her official position and possibly staff to encourage attendants at a rally she led on June 28, 2020 to illegally “occupy” City property, the East Precinct, at a time the city has been trying to de-escalate the situation and ask individuals to depart because of violence in the area. Days earlier, members of the Black community had asked that this facility be restored as an active police facility, particularly in light of the fact it was created at the request of the Black community by actions of former Councilmember Sam Smith to serve the Central District. We have had a series of devastating gun violence around this location, including early yesterday morning on Capitol Hill.”

Sawant Led Protesters To The Mayor’s Home

“Using her official position to lead a march to my home, despite the fact that it was publicly known I was not there, and she and organizers knew that my address was protected under the state confidentiality program because of threates against me due largely to my work as U.S. Attorney. All of us have joined hundreds of demonstrations across the City, but Councilmember Sawant and her followers chose to do so with reckless disregard of the safety of my family and children. In addition, during or after Councilmember Sawant’s speech at that rally, her followers vandalized my home by spray-painting obscenities.”

It’s unclear whether Sawant will face any consequences for her actions. All that is known now is how horribly out of hand the Seattle city government has become.

Video: A Postmates Driver With The Handle “White People Hate” Followed And Terrorized A White Woman To Her Home

Karlos Dillard, a driver for the delivery service Postmates, followed a white woman to her home, harassed and lied about his previous encounter with her, and uploaded it to social media. Dillard has been encouraging rioters to “shoot back” at police.

Dillard claims that a woman, who Nationalist Review will not identify for her own safety, ‘cut him off’ at an intersection. In response, the Postmates driver did what every rational human would do: he proceeded to follow her for three blocks, terrorized her, posted her license plate and address online, then bragged about the harassment campaign on social media. His Twitter handle is “@wypipo_h8” an ebonics term that translates to “White People Hate”.

“Guys this is her license plate number, this is her address,” Dillard says in his video panning the camera to her home. “She flipped me off and then she tried to come home,” Dillard says, not realizing that he just stalked a woman to her home for what he describes as a simple traffic disagreement.

Dillard attempts to justify stalking the woman by claiming that she said the “N” word, but what seems more likely is that he entered an episode of road rage. In fact, that claim of the “N” word seems to disappear and evolve into “you flipped me off” as the video progresses. Recognizing the racial tension currently brewing in society, Dillard likely decided he would upload the video and see if he could earn some praise. Unfortunately, he was right.

The video earned over 100,000 likes and tens of thousands of retweets.

Karlos Dillard has a history of falsely claiming that people have said the “N” word to him. While working as a Postmates delivery driver he attempted to frame an Asian-owned business for racism, perhaps believing that the COVID-19 pandemic would lay anti-Asian cover for him.

These sorts of incidents are becoming more frequent as anti-white racism, particularly directed at women, is at an all time high. Typically, white males have been targeted, but in recent months, a new online term, “Karen,” has been used to target white women that appreciate order in society.

“Shoot Back” Dillard Encourages Protests In America To Turn Violent And Spill Blood

Dillard is a proponent of not just violent protests, but protests that actually spill blood. In a video he uploaded to his Twitter account in 2017, Dillard encourages protesters to end the “Black Lives Matter” chant, opting in favor of a chant encouraging young black men to “shoot back” at police.

Grifting For MAGA Bucks: Dillard Claimed He Was A Trump Voter To Con Money Out Of The Tokenization Crowd

In a previous life, Dillard attempted to con money out of the conservative community by claiming that he supported Donald Trump and voted for him. It isn’t hard to figure out why, with a few favorable immutable characteristics anyone can do it. That’s why people like Diamond and Silk have amassed such a following—there’s no need to kid yourselves, it has nothing to do with brilliant political commentary.

Japanese Reporter Tries To Prove BLM Is Peaceful, Leaves With A Black Eye 15 Minutes Later

Video: A Japanese Artist, Activist, And Reporter Headed To The CHAZ Protest To Prove That Black Lives Matter In Seattle Was Peaceful. 15 Minutes Later He Left With A Black Eye.

Taro Osamu, a Japanese artist and activist, headed to the Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone (CHAZ) in order to prove that the occupied community was “peaceful.” Things didn’t quite go as he planned.

When he arrived, Osamu noted that there were multiple instances of gunshots and that “at least one boy died,” but hilariously maintained that it was otherwise a nice place.

Then tragedy struck! Osamu was attacked by a rioter on scene and beat to a pulp. Who could have seen that coming? Everyone that has been paying attention.

“I was beaten up in 15 minutes,” Osamu tweeted shortly thereafter. “I will go home for today.”

Unfortunately, Osamu didn’t seem to quite learn his lesson. The next day he was patched up and back out on the street, fighting the power with the same hooligans that left him in a bruised pulp.

One Twitter user commented on his video that other (American) reporters have also been attacked in the Seattle, and that the rioters might otherwise be peaceful if they weren’t “reacting” to the camera. Apparently, we’re to believe that these are some uncharacteristically violent Amish protesters who explode in sudden rage when filmed.

Osamu: “A black grandmother who is three times as heavy as me…”

Osamu has been zipping around the country attempting to seed Japan’s press with propaganda favoring the side of Antifa. He described President Trump as using dog whistles, commented that he was shocked that George Floyd wasn’t killed in “the ghetto”, and made one odd reference to the weight of a protester who was thanking him for his coverage:

The following is machine translated from Osamu’s report.

“When asked, “Where did you come from?” he said, “It’s from Japan.” A black grandmother, who is three times as heavy as me, came up in tears and asked, “I want to thank you! But now I have COVID-19, can I shake hands?” It was “Of course,” I shook hands. It was a hard, rough, but warm, gentle hand. I somehow remembered what life she had lived. The warmth of this hand. I felt that I had an obligation to convey it to the world.”

A defiant Osamu returns! With A Picture Of A Smiling Black Man To “Prove” The Protests Weren’t Violent

Apparently getting bashed in the face isn’t enough to prove to a determined Japanese leftist reporter that these are not simply peaceful protests. Some people just can’t be saved.

Osamu returned to CHAZ and defiantly took a picture with a black man in order to prove that “this was not a violent protest.” His words, not ours.

The hilariously subtle racism of his own reporting will forever be lost on him.

Video: “Delete That Sh*t” CHAZ Organizers Rush To Purge Evidence Of Latest Shooting

Another Night In The Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone Ends In Gunshots—Organizers Attempt To Steal Phones And Delete Footage

Organizers of the Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone in Seattle have been attempting to delete footage of the shootings that are plaguing the makeshift community now occupying the lawless streets surrounding Cal Anderson Park.

The shooting occurred right as the streamer began to walk away:

Tonight’s second shooting left at least one individual in serious condition according to spokeswoman Susan Gregg of the Harborview Medical Center where the victim was brought. An account dedicated to updates on the situation in CHAZ bemoaned the lack of a police response, sidestepping the irony of wishing for a greater police presence at a protest dedicated to defunding the police and occupying one of their precincts.

Then the streamer had his phone stolen…

In the latest tampering with evidence and attempt to censor important news from the public eye, one member of the zone snatched the phone out of a streamers hands then brought it to the armed security who had been responding to the shooting that happened just moments prior to the altercation.

“You delete this footage, man,” Oscar Freeman, the thief, warns the streamer, unknowingly broadcasting his face on the ongoing live stream. “I don’t give a f*** who you with.” Freeman then jogs off to the John Brown Gun Club security detail that have become the enforcers of the CHAZ.

Freeman continued to record throughout the entire ordeal, accidentally showing the face of at least one member of the security detail who had lowered his bandanna.

Freeman eventually got in touch with a member of the club LARPing under the nom de guerre “James Madison” and the two scurried off together in order to attempt a deletion of the footage. The camera continued to roll throughout this process.

CHAZ is “too much of a bullet magnet” to continue, says streamer:

Shawn Gui, the victim of the theft, says he believes that the protest zone is finished. Describing CHAZ as “way too much of a bullet magnet right now,” he told his audience that he had no intention of returning to film streams at the location later on.

Later that evening, “Madison” tweeted out a string explaining his actions, stating that it wouldn’t be good for CHAZ to have mass media all over the shooting and that’s why he asked for the streamer to delete the video. He seems to have ignored the part where he and Freeman were attempting to access the device, likely to delete the video on their own.