Dog Catches Car: House Dems Get Impeachment, Now What?

The House Democrats fulfilled a party-wide 2018 campaign promise on Monday afternoon by formally voting to send two Articles of Impeachment of President Trump to the Senate, setting forth just the third Presidential impeachment trial in the nation’s history. As the dust settles from the initial monumental report, a major unanswered question has appeared for the Democrat party: What’s the plan after this?

With a Republican-dominated Senate and a need for 67 votes to remove Trump from office in the most partisan time in Congressional history, the goal of an official unseating of the President appears to be dead before it even arrives at the table. Knowing this, Speaker Nancy Pelosi has threatened to withhold the articles from the Senate until she can guarantee the Senate and its Majority Leader Mitch McConnell will conduct what she considers to be a “fair trial”.

So what exactly is the intent of the Democrats? Do they have a strategy at all? Did they not think they’d ever get this far? Surely they knew they had the votes in the House to push through impeachment, but also were aware that it’s a losing battle once the articles reach the Senate. Their best outcome at this point seems to be something along the lines of the Senate’s impeachment trial being dragged out long enough that it becomes something that the Democrat Presidential candidate can use as campaign fodder against Trump’s reelection, and possibly some campaign speeches—a chance to whine about Congress’ divisiveness as the nation heads into another contentious election cycle. That’s really the only benefit to making such a futile effort.

The most glaring, and to some, unfortunate, truth for Pelosi and the Democrats is that the battle they are fighting is rapidly losing the interest of the public. Media polls have shown a growing disinterest by the American public in the impeachment proceedings. And, at this point, the only people who have kept up with or even still care about the impeachment process are radicalized voters on either side whose minds are already made up. In a time where the pool of centrists is narrower than ever, this strategy doesn’t seem like one that appeals to those stray voters.

To her credit, Nancy Pelosi has been in the American political game long enough that most know better than to accuse her of being politically clueless, and it is well documented that the Democrat Party’s overall strategy is to outwit their opposition with shrewd tactics instead of viable or even appealing policy. This could well be their crowning achievement in that respect, though their path to success is unclear. Regardless, it seems safe to assume that the impeachment saga has only just begun and there will be plenty to watch out for as Congress does all it can to erode its nearly single digit approval rating

Video: Republican Senator reveals it was the Democrats that prohibited multiple copies of the FBI’s Kavanaugh Report from being printed

Update: This article has been updated with additional information to better serve our readers. If you are returning to this article for a second time, check out the statement made by Chairman Grassley.

Speaking to Neil Cavuto, Senator Mike Rounds (R-SD) revealed a key detail about the FBI report review process currently undergoing in the Senate. Despite widely circulated talking points, social media trends, and political commentators making emotional denials, the decision to only provide one copy of the FBI’s investigation was initiated by Democrats back in 2009.

Well, well, well…

Liberals won’t let facts get in the way of a good trend

Earlier today, social media was set ablaze with angry liberals hammering keyboards in response to the news that the FBI report was being read in a Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility (SCIF).

The received wisdom these liberals inherited from their talking faces on MSNBC and CNN, is that the use of a SCIF was a Republican tactic to limit the exposure of the report. Some liberals convinced themselves that the SCIF was selected because the FBI’s findings were so damning that this case was shut and dry. Ridiculous!

“Photocopying or other reproduction of the FBI background reports is prohibited.”

Obama Era Senate Memo

Things couldn’t have been more different than the narrative they’ve chosen to run. The reality is that it was Democrats in the Senate Judiciary Committee alongside staffers in the Obama Administration that determined the new regulations pertaining to sensitive intelligence reports.

This joint-decision can be read in a report, “Memorandum of Understanding Between the Senate Judiciary Committee and the Counsel to the President Regarding FBI Background Investigation Reports on Nominees.”

Chairman Grassley explained all of this! 

The failure of Democrats to adequately convey information about this review process to their constituents is likely deliberate. None of this was a secret to them. They do benefit greatly from energizing their voters before the midterms, even if they’re fired up for all the wrong reasons. That’s the play they’re probably making, but it is also a double-edged sword. Conservatives are furious, too.

Download a copy of the memo here:

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