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Tag: Shooting

Officer Shot In Pennsylvania, Man Wanted For Questioning In Connection To Shooting

An officer was shot in Mckeesport, Pennsylvania around 4:00 PM this afternoon sparking a massive police manhunt for an individual suspected to have been involved in the shooting. ATF, SWAT,

Video: Officer Down – Rioters In Kenosha, Wisconsin Threw A Brick At His Head Knocking Him Unconscious

A Blow To The Side Of The Head Has Left One Officer Unresponsive In The Street Riots have broken out in the typically quiet state of Wisconsin following the lawful

Just Now: Shooting Incident Occurs At Riot In Portland

One Suspect In Custody, No Victims Identified In Latest Shooting During Portland’s 60th Night Of Riots Update: We’ve included testimony from a protester who claims he saw the incident, we’ve

Video: A Group Of Violent Black Vigilantes Attacked 13 Cops Then Burned Down The Wrong House In Milwaukee

Smashing Officers With Bricks, A Violent Mob Burned Down One Home While Attempting To “Rescue” Girls They Believed Were “Trapped” Inside. The Girls Were Never Even There. Two teenage girls

Video: “Delete That Sh*t” CHAZ Organizers Rush To Purge Evidence Of Latest Shooting

Another Night In The Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone Ends In Gunshots—Organizers Attempt To Steal Phones And Delete Footage Organizers of the Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone in Seattle have been attempting

Riots: Multiple Shot In Minneapolis As City’s Streets Become A Warzone

An Attack On Hennepin Avenue Resulted In Multiple Gunshot Victims And Chaos On The Streets Update: 12 shot. One male deceased. At least 8 people were shot following a brawl

Video: Man Drives Car Into Seattle Protest, Shoots One Rioter

Hispanic driver shoots rioter at Seattle protest: Early Sunday evening around 8:30 PM a Hispanic male drove his car through a crowded protest sparking outrage from the participants on the