Officer Shot In Pennsylvania, Man Wanted For Questioning In Connection To Shooting

An officer was shot in Mckeesport, Pennsylvania around 4:00 PM this afternoon sparking a massive police manhunt for an individual suspected to have been involved in the shooting. ATF, SWAT, state and county police, as well as numerous local police departments are on scene and contributing resources, according to Dillon Carr a reporter with TRIB Live.

Koby Lee Francis, the suspected shooter according to Allegheny County spokeswoman Amie Downs, is a 22-year-old black male described as roughly 6’2″ with brown eyes and short black hair.

Francis was taken into custody earlier in the day and a search of his person revealed a concealed handgun. Unfortunately, Francis had a second firearm in his possession which was not found during the search. When he got out of the vehicle outside of the police station, he discharged this weapon striking the officer at least two times.

The officer, who has not been identified, was transported to UPMC Presbyterian Hospital and is in stable condition.

Video: Officer Down – Rioters In Kenosha, Wisconsin Threw A Brick At His Head Knocking Him Unconscious

A Blow To The Side Of The Head Has Left One Officer Unresponsive In The Street

Riots have broken out in the typically quiet state of Wisconsin following the lawful shooting of Jacob Blake, a domestic violence suspect who resisted arrest, seemed immune to tasers, and reached under the seat of his car prompting officers to use lethal force. Blake is currently hospitalized in serious condition.

Now, Kenosha, Wisconsin is currently in chaos with hundreds of rioters taking to the streets, attacking police, launching incendiary devices, and throwing bricks at heads of the men in blue. One officer has suffered a severe blow to the head rendering him unconscious.

Update: We’ve added (and will continue to add) more videos to this post.

If you watch the video below closely, you’ll notice a rectangular object strike the pavement shortly after the officer hits the ground. The object appears to be a brick.

The Propaganda Account Below Would Have You Believe The Shooting Wasn’t Justified…

But watch closely. At this point, Blake had already ignored multiple warnings, seemed invulnerable to tasers, and had retreated to his vehicle where he reaches under the seat. The two officers were given no choice but to open fire—its irrational to expect them to wait until he draws down on them.

Rioters Throw Molotovs At Officers:

Windshields smashed by bricks and rocks:

Additional Footage Of Rioters Throwing Rocks At Officers:

Just Now: Shooting Incident Occurs At Riot In Portland

One Suspect In Custody, No Victims Identified In Latest Shooting During Portland’s 60th Night Of Riots

Update: We’ve included testimony from a protester who claims he saw the incident, we’ve added it to the rumor mill section at the bottom of this piece.

Update 2: We’ve updated this story with a second eye-witness who claims a gang of teens stole the gun from the man they were assaulting.

A shooting incident occurred at a park in Portland this evening. One suspect is in custody but there have not been any victims identified at this time. It appears that the incident occurred after a group of teens began picking fights with people at the park. A woman can be heard shouting “put the gun down” shortly before the shots are fired:

Statement from a credible witness:

“Next thing I know, some kids—they’ve been trying to start fights all day long. They were going after some black guy and I have no idea why.”

The witness goes on to explain that a white man attempted to intervene and that he was attacked by the gang, beaten up, and his gun taken from him. The witness claims that the gun discharged during a struggle for the weapon.

Portland Police Issued A Statement:

Portland Police have issued the following statement: “Portland Police are investigating the report of a shot fired near SW 4/SW Salmon. One person is in custody. At this time Police have not located a victim. This investigation is ongoing. Avoid this area.”

Rumor Mill Claims That Teenagers On Scene Had Beaten A Man And Stole A Gun When The Incident Occurred:

There is some discrepancy over whether the man they attacked was the shooter or whether they stole the gun and used it in the shooting. Here’s both versions of the story:

Update: We’ve added testimony from an eye witness who claims the man with the gun was the aggressor and that one of the victims managed to take the gun.

Video: A Group Of Violent Black Vigilantes Attacked 13 Cops Then Burned Down The Wrong House In Milwaukee

Smashing Officers With Bricks, A Violent Mob Burned Down One Home While Attempting To “Rescue” Girls They Believed Were “Trapped” Inside. The Girls Were Never Even There.

Two teenage girls were reported missing in Milwaukee on Monday, by Tuesday a large crowd of vigilantes had decided they cracked the case. This riotous mob decided that a vast conspiracy was underfoot and that these girls weren’t simply acting like irresponsible teenagers often do, but rather they were the victims of a large human trafficking ring.

More than that, they believed they knew exactly where the girls were being held. There was just one problem…

They got absolutely everything wrong, injured 14 public workers, caused three people to be sent to the hospital with gunshot wounds, burned the house of an individual who wasn’t connected with the disappearance, set fire to his vehicle, and when the damage was done, still considered themselves heroes.


Naturally, when a hero thinks two people are held hostage in a building, their immediate solution is to randomly shoot at it and then burn it to the ground. That’s how intelligent people rescue someone.

Some major black activists are still praising their campaign of brainless destruction:

Here’s how events unfolded:

They formed a mob and approached a house on the 2100 block of North 40th Street, armed with guns and with intent to gain entry at any cost, they refused to turn away. Officers had already been given a tip about this building and had searched the residence thoroughly multiple times. The girls were not found.

The resident, realizing that their life was in danger, fired upon the unruly horde attempting to dissuade them from continuing with their attack. A brief gunfight broke out. Three people were shot and all are expected to survive.

Officers, aware of the missing girls and alerted to the possibility of vigilante action were notified by the city’s ShotSpotter that gunfire had been identified at that location and once again dispatched units to the scene. When they arrived, they found the mob had begun to set fire to the residence and the owner’s vehicle.

They attempted to disengage the mob from the homeowner and for their trouble they had bricks and concrete thrown at them. Back up was requested and officers worked quickly to provide cover for firefighters to extinguish the flames. One firefighter was injured in the course of this struggle.

All told, ten officers were injured. When they were finally able to subdue the violent rabble, the police left. But the vigilantes were not done.

Shortly thereafter, the fire was reignited by a second wave of the mob. Firefighters were then dispatched to the scene. And three additional police officers were injured by the rioters who belted them with bricks.

Here’s the kicker. The girls turned up later that evening. They were never at the residence on North 40th Street. The mob burned down the wrong house, attacked officers who were trying to restore peace, and injured at least one firefighter.

The girls seem to have returned to their family on their own, never once went to the residence on North 40th Street, and were never victims of human trafficking.

A number of suspects involved in the arson and shootings have been identified:

Milwaukee Police are currently investigating the identities of those who committed arson as well as those that fired upon the residence.

MPD released the following statement about the incident:

MPD put out a statement explaining the entirety of this report. It can be read here.

Video: “Delete That Sh*t” CHAZ Organizers Rush To Purge Evidence Of Latest Shooting

Another Night In The Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone Ends In Gunshots—Organizers Attempt To Steal Phones And Delete Footage

Organizers of the Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone in Seattle have been attempting to delete footage of the shootings that are plaguing the makeshift community now occupying the lawless streets surrounding Cal Anderson Park.

The shooting occurred right as the streamer began to walk away:

Tonight’s second shooting left at least one individual in serious condition according to spokeswoman Susan Gregg of the Harborview Medical Center where the victim was brought. An account dedicated to updates on the situation in CHAZ bemoaned the lack of a police response, sidestepping the irony of wishing for a greater police presence at a protest dedicated to defunding the police and occupying one of their precincts.

Then the streamer had his phone stolen…

In the latest tampering with evidence and attempt to censor important news from the public eye, one member of the zone snatched the phone out of a streamers hands then brought it to the armed security who had been responding to the shooting that happened just moments prior to the altercation.

“You delete this footage, man,” Oscar Freeman, the thief, warns the streamer, unknowingly broadcasting his face on the ongoing live stream. “I don’t give a f*** who you with.” Freeman then jogs off to the John Brown Gun Club security detail that have become the enforcers of the CHAZ.

Freeman continued to record throughout the entire ordeal, accidentally showing the face of at least one member of the security detail who had lowered his bandanna.

Freeman eventually got in touch with a member of the club LARPing under the nom de guerre “James Madison” and the two scurried off together in order to attempt a deletion of the footage. The camera continued to roll throughout this process.

CHAZ is “too much of a bullet magnet” to continue, says streamer:

Shawn Gui, the victim of the theft, says he believes that the protest zone is finished. Describing CHAZ as “way too much of a bullet magnet right now,” he told his audience that he had no intention of returning to film streams at the location later on.

Later that evening, “Madison” tweeted out a string explaining his actions, stating that it wouldn’t be good for CHAZ to have mass media all over the shooting and that’s why he asked for the streamer to delete the video. He seems to have ignored the part where he and Freeman were attempting to access the device, likely to delete the video on their own.

Riots: Multiple Shot In Minneapolis As City’s Streets Become A Warzone

An Attack On Hennepin Avenue Resulted In Multiple Gunshot Victims And Chaos On The Streets

Update: 12 shot. One male deceased.

At least 8 people were shot following a brawl on Hennepin Street after rioters took over the streets to enjoy the lawlessness that has become the rule for Minneapolis following the death of George Floyd and subsequent calls to abolish the police.

Various reports are describing the scene as a horrific, with one witness claiming that there were at least 100 people involved in the fighting, but at this time only one shooter is confirmed.

While it is unknown if any additional shooters were involved, a recording of the police scanner indicated that at least one suspect had been identified fleeing the scene.

According to the description provided by a witness, the shooter was a black male with gold teeth wearing a jogging suit last seen running east on Lagoon Avenue.

The shooting took place outside Chino Latino on Hennepin Ave:

As the minutes ticked by, the casualty count quickly climbed from four victims, to six, and ultimately to ten at the time of this report.

Videos posted in the aftermath of the shooting showed blood covering the streets:

Users on social media recorded the suspect’s description as it was broadcast over the police scanner:

Others filmed the aftermath as victims were treated on scene while awaiting ambulances:

Street racers had taken over the street just shortly before the attack was launched:

Shortly before the shooting, one Reddit user mused that the presence of cars and street racing indicated that a shooting or brawl was likely to take place soon:

Earlier that evening fireworks were launched at various locations throughout the city:

Video: Man Drives Car Into Seattle Protest, Shoots One Rioter

Hispanic driver shoots rioter at Seattle protest:

Early Sunday evening around 8:30 PM a Hispanic male drove his car through a crowded protest sparking outrage from the participants on the streets who swarmed his vehicle and began punching the car and obstructing the occupant’s path.

When one rioter began directly punching the man behind the wheel, the driver drew his weapon and fired at his assailant. There are conflicting reports as to whether the individual was shot with a gun or a taser, with medics at the scene stating he had merely been hit with the taser while photojournalist Alex Garland claims the ‘victim’ was shot with a bullet.

The man, who has not yet been identified, then fled the scene wearing a black hoodie appearing to display the logo for the Iron Workers Union. Shortly thereafter he was apprehended by police. His name has yet to be released.

A white male? Wrong.

Despite reports from Twitter users which have been published by other media outlets, the individual is not a “middle-aged white male” as some have suggested. Nationalist Review has obtained a clear picture of the driver:

Following the incident, the man who was shot gave a brief account of his actions as he was being walked to the medics.