Videos: Residents Of Suburban Oregon Neighborhood Just Shut Down A Black Lives Matter Riot

Black Lives Matter Miscreants Attempted To Cause A Ruckus In Suburban Springfield, Oregon…The Neighbors Came Out To Tell Them To Take A Hike

Imagine, if you will, you’re tucking your children into bed. It’s 10 P.M. and all is quiet. Then suddenly a mob of people from out of town come marching through your street by the scores. They’re screaming. Shouting chants. Blasting trivial platitudes over a loudspeaker and filling the previously calm night with their howling wails and screeches.

Real Americans Start Fighting Back

What would you do? Residents in a small Oregon city about two hours away from Portland were forced to answer that question. And the answer for them was to confront that people who were destroying the tranquility of their homes.

And they came out in force.

Here’s what happened in Springfield, Oregon tonight

The chaos started early in the evening and lasted for hours with the mob slowly meandering through the quiet suburbs replacing the usually quiet streets with a cacophony of noise pollution. “Hey-hey, ho-ho, these racist pigs have got to go,” the rioters chanted.

The Police Respond…But Aren’t Able To Prevent The Riot

The typical clownish members of the media were quick to side with the protesters, claiming that the police were violently arresting the “peaceful” perpetrators. The reality is, there is nothing peaceful about disturbing a neighborhood late into the evening, nor is there anything peaceful about resisting arrest. These so-called protesters kicked and screamed and wrestled against officers rather than just placing their hands behind their backs.

The Residents Take On The Rioters

When the police presence faded, rioters continued their march winding deeper and deeper into a neighbor they did not belong. That’s when the residents began taking matters into their own hands. Together, they formed a blockade of bodies and began confronting the marching rioters telling them to go back from where they came. Dozens poured out of their homes and into the street to take on the mob that was ruining their evening:

“Don’t Act Like None Of You Are Antifa”

One man of Mexican-Indian descent came out to take on the crowd. “These are our streets. We’re protecting motherf***ers out here,” he told the members of Black Lives Matter and antifa. “We know what antifa does,” he said. “Don’t act like none of you are antifa!”

Trading barbs with another rioter, the man had this to say: “‘No lives matter until black lives matter?’ That’s a bunch of bulls***! I’m Mexican, I’m Native American, I’m white. I’m f***ing everything. I have nothing against no colors, but this is some anarchy bulls***!”

The Confrontations Intensify

As the night progressed, the confrontations became more direct. One man leapt out his truck and demanded to know why these strangers were terrorizing his neighborhood and scaring his children. “What the f*** are you doing in our neighborhood, motherf***er? In my f***ing neighborhood, terrorizing my kids? I don’t care what you believe, why are you in my neighborhood scaring my kids?”