Video: Black Lives Matter Threatens To Burn Down Historic DC Church, Assaults Elderly Man (Again)

Rioters Gathered Outside St. John’s Church In Washington, D.C. Threatening To Burn The Building To The Ground If Their Demands Were Not Met

St. John’s Church of Lafayette Square—we won’t refer to it under its new name—was opened in 1816. Since then, every sitting president has attended the Church and, on inauguration day, every president since Franklin Delano Roosevelt has attended it on Inauguration Day.

On 31 May 2020, rioters encircled the church and lit fires to the church nursery. Those fires were thankfully extinguished quickly.

Now, a new wave of rioters, emboldened by recent events in Wisconsin, Oregon, and Minnesota, have gathered around the place of worship and are threatening to turn it into ash.

Rioters on the site are also attacking elderly men and women whom they have targeted for their conservative views:

Below you’ll find a video of the incident as well as a screenshot of the woman punching him straight in the jaw.

Earlier this week, rioters chanted “f*** your Jesus” in North Carolina and nearly burnt down a church in Wisconsin. As unrest continues to spread from city to city, a most ungodly element goes with it.