Video: The McCloskey’s “Christmas Cards” Feature Them Defending Their Home – They Gave One To BLM!

Mark McCloskey Gave A Rioter The Most Incredible Early Christmas Present:

An unhinged Black Lives Matter rioter who wishes to “abolish” the police harassed Mark and Patricia McCloskey as they went to pick up their Christmas cards. Shouting “abolish the suburbs” and screaming explicit remarks at them, the woman recorded the couple as they left the store. Mark, apparently already in the holiday spirit, then climbs out of his car and approaches the woman to offer him one of the cards!

“Here, have a souvenir,” he says.

It’s not exactly clear that these are Christmas cards or just commemorative photos the couple ordered. In any case, Black Lives Matter thinks they’re holiday cards!

We would be remiss to not mention that these cards depict the moment they confronted rioters from their front lawn:

Mark and Patricia were harassed at their home back in late June when a violent mob of Black Lives Matter members broke the entrance to their gated community and began trespassing through the neighborhood shouting threats and delivering their usual threats. Mark and Patricia chose not to back down that day and stepped out onto their lawn wielding firearms.

They were eventually charged for unlawful use of those weapons—an egregious disregard for justice—and are scheduled to appear in court in October. The governor, a Republican, has promised to pardon them if they are convicted.