Radical Islamists Threaten To Behead Mayor Of City Where Teacher Was Decapitated A Week Ago

“Jérémy Breaud we will behead you,” threats left in city read:

Thursday, three separate instances of graffiti were discovered in the Lyon metropolitan area threatening the life of mayor Jérémie Bréaud following the decapitation of history professor Samuel Paty in Conflans-Sainte-Honorine.

Paty, a professor who was instructing students on the importance of secular values, displayed cartoons of the Muslim prophet Muhammad. For this lesson, he was targeted, and his killer was shot dead by responding police.

But seven others were implicated and arrested in the aftermath of the horrific event. Six of the suspects face charges of complicity in a terrorist murder and have been placed under investigation and one man is accused with a lesser charge of associating with a terrorist, according to BBC.

Two of the suspects were just students, age 14 and 15, and were released pending the investigation. All others are in custody. The minors are accused of describing and identifying the teacher to the killer.

“Jérémy Breaud we will behead you,” the tags read and were placed on a fence and the city’s library a week after the murder.

Paris Match, a local media outlet, reached Bréaud by telephone. “My first reaction is a feeling of amazement and bewilderment,” he said. “I am not afraid and I will not give up anything.” According to Paris Match, Bréaud was elected on a platform of public security earlier this year and implemented a surge in municipal police by 70%, strengthened the city’s system of video surveillance, and has increased pressure on local organized crime.”

“We see that we have an enemy that we now identify, radical Islam,” he said before going on to clarify that these elements aren’t just attacking individuals but that their attacks are on the Republic itself.

France’s Association of Mayors denounced the act as an “intolerable threat” in a press released where they pledged to offer full support to Mayor Bréaud in his fight against the radicals.

UPDATE: Man Who Bombed Portland Courthouse Identified As Gabriel Sebastian Agardberryhill

An Improvised Explosive Device Was Detonated Outside The Federal Courthouse In Portland…Nationalist Review Can Reveal The Identity Of The Alleged Perpetrator Of The Attack

UPDATE: Gabriel Agardberryhill has turned himself in.

Nationalist Review recently posted about how the individual responsible for the large detonation at the courthouse doors was nearly doxed by his grandmother thanks to a review she posted online for a protective vest that she had purchased him. Now, we can reveal the name of the alleged individual responsible thanks to additional comments made by his family members. If you haven’t heard about this story yet, check out our initial reports.


Gabriel Sebastian Agardberryhill, 18, is allegedly the man who threw the improvised explosive device at the federal courthouse in Portland, Oregon according to posts made by his grandmother and sister on social media.


Before we dive into the evidence, we’d like to please ask our readers a quick favor: do not harass the family members of this guy. The grandmother is shocked that her grandson engaged in this act of violence, she is a Trump supporter, and she’s been very vocal about her disappointment in what her grandson did. Seriously, there’s no need to harass them. The matter is all but settled now.

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The Evidence, Explained:

A day before the explosion, Agardberryhill grandmother posted on her personal Twitter page a picture matching the one she left in her review on the website where she purchased the vest. We’ve embedded that tweet below, but it is archived here for convenience.

Please note that this tweet was sent one day before the explosion was executed.

Agardberryhill operates two Facebook accounts using two separate pseudonyms. Both of these accounts are friends with the sister or the grandmother, K.J. Hafdahl, and one of them posted the exact same image that was used in the review.

We’ve provided an archive link to that post here and the second on here, but the screenshots are available below.

According to the grandmother’s posts on Facebook, this alleged terrorist’s full name is Gabriel Sebastian Agardberryhill, born 4 April 2002, and he just recently turned 18. Here is an archive link to that post. His grandmother operates on Twitter under the handle “TRUMPSGIRL2020” and uses the same name as her Facebook account: Author KJ Hafdahl.

On Twitter, she’s expressed nothing short of disgust at finding out her grandson has been involved in these acts. “This is my only grandson,” she wrote, “I love him to death, and didn’t know he was going to do such a bad thing, I had been posting several things about the antifa and BLM, he knows I am against those riots big time…he chose his poison. His cheap vest was to protect him from the police’s rubber bullets.” (archive)

A day before the incident, she explained that she does not support the riots but that her grandson does and that she bought the vest to keep him safe:

“My grandson is a protestor down in Portland, he’s been there every day for who knows how many days, he’s adamant that BLM is a good movement. He does not partake in the violence but it has come to him from the police, so this has to stop. Right Now. Gma said so.” (see above for archive link)

After it was revealed he threw the bomb, she made clear once again that she had no idea:

“I am gramma and he was not being honest with me, I bought the vest for him last week, didn’t know he was going to bomb the fed building, big surprise to me, he said he was just hanging with the peaceful protesters” (archive)

Soon, his sister chimed in confirming that he is her brother:

“Okay so I was informed of all of this early this morning. This is my little brother and he spent his entire life in foster care along with me and my sister. He is a misguided kid. We don’t have parents in our life, and he is very vulnerable to being coerced into doing things.”

She also explained some background information on the brother and pleaded with people to leave her grandmother alone:

“Seeing my brother doing this, is so hard to process. This is a kid who spent years moving from foster home, to foster home, being abused. We all were. Just know, my grandma is just now back in our lives, we didn’t grow up knowing her, and she is innocent. Please leave her alone. My grandma who bought something for my little brother. My brother didn’t make that bomb himself. Someone gave it to him. This is a kid who just turned 18. Just got out of a correctional facility. Y’all keep saying she bought it for him to riot in. She bought it to keep him safe. I do not like that you’re attacking my grandmother, she has done nothing, and she thought he was out doing peaceful protests. I’m actually kind of appalled at how you all can talk about this woman. My grandmother, Karla had a brain tumor operation in 2005, she didn’t know any of this.”

Man Who Threw Improvised Explosive At Portland’s Federal Courthouse Identified By Grandmother’s Accidental Dox

The Antifa Terrorist Who Detonated An IED At The Federal Courthouse In Portland Has Been Identified By Internet Sleuths In The Most Hilarious Way

Last night, Nationalist Review reported that an uncharicateristically large blast was detonated at the federal courthouse doors in Portland. The explosion, which was atypical for the riots that have thus far relied on unmodified fireworks (some of which have been commercial grade) resulted in bright red flames and shocked many of the other riot attendees.

The Explosion:

Streams uploaded by rioters and press observers were quickly clipped and posted on social media, with many of those filming commenting on how abnormal they found the size of the explosion.


Now, internet sleuths and citizen journalists have seemingly tracked down the identification of the individual, and the process by which they achieved this impressive feat is truly remarkable: his grandmother posted a review for the reflective riot vest she purchased him and that review included a face picture! Best of all, it seems that the grandmother posted the review because she was able to receive a discount on the product by doing so. In other words, grandma gets 10% off and her little rioter gets 5-10 years in the federal prison system.

The Criminal:

The individual in the picture is seen in another video tossing an improvised explosive device over the fence surrounding the courthouse and then waiting anxiously to see the results of his effort. When the large blast finally makes its appearance, he jumps around with glee clearly proud of his achievement.

While his name has not yet been determined, law enforcement officers should have no problem, if this identification is correct, in using the grandmother’s review to track down her name and then match it with her grandson’s name and address. It’s only a matter of time, since even if the individual is just a doppelganger, there are now multiple clear face shots of the suspect available for law enforcement to utilize. Those pictures are embedded below.

Grandma’s Favorite Little Rioter

Grandma’s little rioter has been very busy these past few nights. He also appears to be the shield boy who protected the bizarre attention seeking antifa female who stripped off all of her clothes and pranced around naked in the middle of the street. This detail has not yet been confirmed but the resemblance is uncanny and the shirts seem to be identical.


Grandma’s favorite little rioter should be expecting a knock on his door at some point in the near future.

The Evidence:

Here’s a screenshot of her review of the vest she bought him while thinking he was just protesting in Portland. And here’s an archive in case the little terrorist yells at her to delete the evidence.

Some users have noted that the patches, which really say the corniest things, aren’t present on the individual who through the explosive. Nationalist Review can confidently report that those are Velcro patches and are easily removed. After realizing that his vest had a crosshair and a “restricted” label on it, he likely removed them out of embarrassment. In any case, a number of other details have been discovered that further cements this theory. And, again, should this individual be innocent of this crime, there are clear face pictures of the perpetrator available.

Major Leftist Organizer Begs Followers To Dox Families Of Federal Agents

Amy Siskind, The Organizer Who Led 100,000 Protesters Through D.C. In 2019, Wants Her Half Million Followers To Dox Families Of Federal Agents

Amy Siskind is a horrible woman who apparently won’t be satisfied until she has blood on her hands. In a tweet published last night, she implicitly called for the wives and mothers of federal agents to be named and punished when the Trump Administration leaves office.

“It would be helpful if we could start to identify these storm troopers. This monster has a mother. Maybe a wife and family. They should be publicly named – and of course held accountable when this reign of terror is over,” she tweeted.

Siskind was the organizer behind the 2019 “We The People March” which led over 100,000 people through the streets of D.C. (and thousands more in ‘solidarity marches’ in cities across America) to protest the Trump Administration.

Now she’s threatening the families of American law enforcement officers.

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DHS warns of possible Iranian terrorists entering United States through Mexico

The Mexican National Guard is reportedly on the look out for five Iranians who are allegedly attempting to gain entry into the United States. Mexican officials have have been warned by their American counterparts that within the next 48 hours, the individuals in question will attempt to cross the border into the United States with the intention of detonating a bomb.

Four males and one female, the latter believed to be the suicide bomber

Mexican authorities have confirmed to the Mexican publication Noticias Zona de Medios Globales that a liaison from the Arizona Customs and Border Protection Office notified them of the potential threat:

In the message, where César Duarte, border patrol liaison of Yuma Arizona, reports that they have received “credible information that in the next 48 hours they will attempt to cross five suicide bombers from the Middle East, on the side of San Luis Río Colorado, Sonora or Mexicali. ” According to the audio “it’s about four men and a 10-9”.

María Elena Andrade Ramírez, director of municipal Public Security, endorsed the version by stating that the Arizona Customs and Border Protection Office alerted them to the presence of Iranians, which is why the operation was activated.

Breitbart obtained a copy of the document that was transmitted to Mexican officials from the US Border Patrol. The memo claims that Homeland Security is looking for four males and one female who are attempting to gain illegal entry into the United States. They suspect the female is the intended suicide bomber. The group has traveled through Guatemala and Belize but there is no word on where they will attempt to make their crossing over the border.

Judicial Watch has also reported on the alert:

The alert was issued a few days ago by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and largely ignored by the American and Mexican mainstream media. Only a few conservative media outlets in the U.S. reported about the warning after one obtained a DHS document outlining the threat. The document, issued by the Border Patrol’s regional intelligence operation center in Arizona, says that a Guatemalan national may try to smuggle five Middle Easterners—including a suicide bomber—into the U.S. through Mexico. The smuggler and four other men and a woman transited through Guatemala and Belize before reaching Veracruz, Mexico, according to the bulletin. The Guatemalan, whose name is redacted in the government document, was deported from California a year ago. The Spanish-language article linked above elaborates that American intelligence officials received the threat after picking up recordings distributed via social media. A Mexicali news story cites Mexican authorities downplaying the situation by assuring citizens that the arrival of people from the Middle East, Africa, Europe, Asia and the rest of the Americas is “something normal.”

REPORT: Rocket Attack Strikes Base Housing US Troops

UPDATE: Iraqi media is reporting that just one rocket landed at its target, striking one of the entrances to the base and wounding an Iraqi security member who was guarding it.

Initial reports are coming in about a rocket strike that targeted Taji Base, an Iraqi military compound that houses US troops. While reports have been inconsistent, with some indicating the attack was “fierce” and others claiming that only one or two rockets struck their target, it seems that for now the only reported casualty is one Iraqi security member who was injured by the blasts.

It’s time to bring our troops home from the Middle East and let those nations square up and deal with their own issues as they please. Let nature take its course.

We will update this post as more information comes in.

200 pound bomb seized by FBI in thwarted terror scheme targeting DC on election night

A man from Rockland County, New York built a 200 pound explosive device that he planned to detonate on the National Mall in Washington, D.C. on election night.

Paul Rosenfeld, the 56-year-old perpetrator responsible for the construction of the explosive, was stopped by police and immediately waved his Miranda rights Tuesday. He told law enforcement officers that he had ordered large quantities of black powder and had them shipped to New Jersey before transporting them to his home in Tappan, New York. 

His plan, according to authorities, was to execute a suicide attack on the nation’s capital in order to highlight what he feels is a poor direction the country is headed in.

Rosenfeld is a political extremist that favors a system of government based on ‘sortition.’ Sortition is also known as ‘choice by lot’ or ‘demarchy’ but the basic principle is that rather than electing representatives, our leadership should be chosen at random from a pool of ‘qualified’ candidates.

It’s worth noting that the AP reported this as “sortation” which is a data processing term that has nothing to do with this political system. Just another banner day for the mainstream media fact-checkers, I suppose.

It is not immediately clear why Rosenfeld was capable of ordering large quantities of black powder, nor how he gained access to the New Jersey address he was shipping the substance too.

The FBI were lucky on this one—it was one of Rosenfeld’s associates that tipped them off about the potential attack.

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