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Tag: Terrorism

Radical Islamists Threaten To Behead Mayor Of City Where Teacher Was Decapitated A Week Ago

“Jérémy Breaud we will behead you,” threats left in city read: Thursday, three separate instances of graffiti were discovered in the Lyon metropolitan area threatening the life of mayor Jérémie

UPDATE: Man Who Bombed Portland Courthouse Identified As Gabriel Sebastian Agardberryhill

An Improvised Explosive Device Was Detonated Outside The Federal Courthouse In Portland…Nationalist Review Can Reveal The Identity Of The Alleged Perpetrator Of The Attack UPDATE: Gabriel Agardberryhill has turned himself

Man Who Threw Improvised Explosive At Portland’s Federal Courthouse Identified By Grandmother’s Accidental Dox

The Antifa Terrorist Who Detonated An IED At The Federal Courthouse In Portland Has Been Identified By Internet Sleuths In The Most Hilarious Way Last night, Nationalist Review reported that

Major Leftist Organizer Begs Followers To Dox Families Of Federal Agents

Amy Siskind, The Organizer Who Led 100,000 Protesters Through D.C. In 2019, Wants Her Half Million Followers To Dox Families Of Federal Agents Amy Siskind is a horrible woman who

DHS warns of possible Iranian terrorists entering United States through Mexico

The Mexican National Guard is reportedly on the look out for five Iranians who are allegedly attempting to gain entry into the United States. Mexican officials have have been warned

REPORT: Rocket Attack Strikes Base Housing US Troops

UPDATE: Iraqi media is reporting that just one rocket landed at its target, striking one of the entrances to the base and wounding an Iraqi security member who was guarding

200 pound bomb seized by FBI in thwarted terror scheme targeting DC on election night

A man from Rockland County, New York built a 200 pound explosive device that he planned to detonate on the National Mall in Washington, D.C. on election night. Paul Rosenfeld,