Video: 9-Year-Old’s Heartbreaking Account Of Sexual Abuse By Mother, Judge Orders Her To Stay With Her Abuser

A Texas Father Is Seeking To Regain The Custody Of His Three Children Following Disturbing Revelations That Their Mother Has Been Loaning Them Out To Men To Be Sexually Abused

Michael Long, the father of Sophie Long, has been fighting to save the life of his daughter and her brothers who have allegedly been abused and raped by their mother, Kelly Marie Mitton, her boyfriend Jacob Wayne Bellington, and their grandmother, Kim A. Mitton. Wheless awarded Mitton with custody of Sophie, though local police have informed Nationalist Review that the girl is currently at a safe location.

Long uploaded an 18 minute video providing testimony from Sophie about her abuse and additional footage that shows the young girl struggling to remain with her father at a custody exchange that took place in Lacy Lakeview, Texas on 18 Aug 2020. Following the publication of the footage, the judge presiding over the custody battle, Cynthia McCrann Wheless, ordered that all social media posts, videos, and statements about the child’s health be removed from the internet.

Nationalist Review has preserved copies of these videos. We will upload them should the order to remove them be carried out.

We urge every adult to share these videos as far and wide as you can. We also urge caution as we always do when posting shocking content: these videos are disturbing, they include the account of a traumatized child survivor, and the content is not appropriate for children. Please be advised.

Nationalist Review has also spoken to the two Texas police departments handling this case, the Frisco Police Department and the Lacy Lakeview Police Department, and their comments on the matter are included below.

9-Year-Old Sophie Explains How She Has Been Repeatedly Raped And Violated By Her Mother’s Boyfriend And That Her Mother Watches And Assists In These Attacks:

At a custody exchange on 18 Aug. 2020, Sophie detailed to her grandmother her reasons for refusing to return to her mother’s residence. The video is 19 minutes long, and includes multiple alarming details that no child could ever fake. Prior to leaving for the exchange of custody, the present girlfriend of Sophie’s father can be heard explaining that “Mr. Jake” (the name Sophie uses for her abuser, Jacob Bellington) is not going to be at the mother’s house. Sophie replies that it doesn’t matter and that her mother will find other men to abuse her.

Excerpt from the GoFundMe’s description of the video:

Please see minutes 14:40 through 16:30 in this video. She is begging the biological mom’s mother (her grandmother) to listen and tells her what is happening to her. Her grandmother asks “who’s touching you” She says Mr. Jake and Mommy watches…. Mommy watches it happen.” Her grandmother asks “Where does he touch you” Sophie says “my Vivi” Sophie goes on to talk about blood in her underwear and the fighting and how she is tired of all of it. The grandmother dismisses her completely and says that if she felt that bad about herself she couldn’t have gotten the lead in the school play or done gymnastics. She does not say anything about them abusing her, but instead acts as if she never said it. Throughout the rest of this video her mother and grandmother attempt to drag her out of her fathers Vehicle and you can hear Sophie’s many pleas to not go back to that place of torment for her young mind and body.

Around 14:40, Sophie is shown discussing her abuse with her grandmother. She explains that “Mr. Jake” has been molesting her at night when he believes Sophie to be sleeping, that her mother knows, watches, and doesn’t care, and that she has had blood in her underwear. The grandmother doesn’t even respond to Sophie’s allegations and shortly thereafter attempts to physically drag the young child from the vehicle, causing her arm to be hyperextended and requiring a hospital visit. Again, this is the evidence that Judge Cynthia McCrann Wheless is attempting to suppress from the public.

Update: Long has removed his uploaded. We have replaced it with our own.

Sophie’s Grandmother Attempting To Drag Her Out Of The Car

Michael Long Contacted Lacy Lakeview Police Department About The Incident, Corporal Plummer Told Him The Sophie’s Injuries Were Her Own Fault…And His.

Long, distraught over the continued abuse and court orders mandating that he continue to send his daughter to live with her abusers, contacts the Lacy Lakeview Police Department about the events that transpired during a recent custody exchange. He spoke to Corporal Plummer of the Lacy Lakeview PD.

“She’s being sexually abused in that house, and her mother is complicit in it,” Long told Plummer over the phone in a recorded call (listen below).

Plummer ignored the information Long shared about the abuse orchestrated by his ex-wife, her boyfriend, and Sophie’s grandmother. Instead of immediately acting on the allegations of sexual abuse of a minor, the corporal of the Lacy Lakeview Police Department instead began to give Long some parenting and relationship advice.

Plummer: Were you all married at one point?

Long: Yes we were.

Plummer: How long were y’all married for?

Long: About five years.

Plummer: So at some point in life, y’all liked each other…and [now] y’all are struggling to work together. But you still have a child—

Long: What does this have to do with—

Plummer: That exchange—it, it has everything to do with it. That exchange takes as much effort from you as it does her [Sophie’s alleged abuser].

Corporal Plummer then chastises Long for recording the incident rather than assisting the mother—who, again, is helping her boyfriend rape Long’s daughter—in getting Sophie out of the vehicle. Plummer argues that by filming the incident, Long is encouraging her daughter to disobey her mother.

Plummer: I mean, yeah, the kid may get an extended arm or leg or whatever he said was the injury, if she’s fighting her mother. When you fight your parents there’s a possibility—if she goes to whoop that kid with a belt and that kid ducks and catches a bruise across the back, that’s on the kid.

Sophie At The Hospital

Nationalist Review Contacted The Frisco Police (Where The Abuse Occurred) And Lacy Lakeview Police (Where The Exchange Was Made)…Here’s What We Learned:

Chief John Truehitt of the Lacy Lakeview Police Department spoke with Nationalist Review about the incident and the comments made by Corporal Plummer. Chief Truehitt told us that he first became aware of the video this past Sunday evening and immediately contacted officers and dispatchers and told them to make it their first priority to ensure the safety of the child. The officers under his command then contacted the Frisco Police Department and submitted an official physical welfare check on the child.

Frisco PD conducted that welfare check and relayed back to Truehitt’s office that they had an ongoing sexual abuse of a child case under investigation and that the child was now in a safe location where the alleged abuser, Jacob Bellington, could not have any contact.

Truehitt also tells Nationalist Review that his detectives have issued subpoenas for the medical records of Sophie, reached out to the hospital to obtain statements, and that is an ongoing investigation, the results of which will be turned over to the DA’s office. His detectives also contacted the DA’s office about the video documenting the grandmother attempting to physically remove Sophie from her father’s vehicle and asked whether the DA wanted to move forward with an arrest warrant.

The DA’s office advised them they would not be seeking an arrest at this time and for Truehitt’s office to continue their investigation and to present their results.

As for Corporal Plummer’s conduct over the phone with Michael Long, Truehitt says that the corporal’s comments were “not consistent with what I want our officers to sound like. I fully understand a lot of the comments that have been made about it. And it is a matter that is under review right now, and I will do my best to take appropriate action on that…I do not approve of the conversation in the tone or in the content.”

Truehitt then told Nationalist Review that Corporal Plummer did not follow up on his phone call with Long by initiating a “injury to a child” investigation and that he should have. That negligence has been rectified and an investigation is underway. “Corporal Plummer does not want to see any child in danger. He was in the United States Marine Corps before he joined the department and he’s been with us for nine years. He’s saved children’s lives…He’s going to have to accept responsibility for his words and what he said and how he said it. And he will, I know that. People make mistakes, and the only thing we can do is admit it and correct it. I do not approve of that comment.”

Asked if Corporal Plummer was aware that Sophie was allegedly sexually abused, Truehitt said he believed he was aware that the Frisco PD was investigating those allegations prior to his conversation with Michael Long.

“I’ve spoken with a lot of victims of sexual abuse, and this has reignited their worst horrors. These investigations are some of the most difficult. They often involve a family member. In many cases, the outcry is not for years or decades after the abuse occurred and there’s almost no physical evidence [at that time]. They almost inevitably turn into one person’s statement versus the other’s.”

“I encourage the truth to be out there and my heart goes out to this little girl.”

Sergeant Evan Mattei, a Frisco Police Department public information officer, spoke to Nationalist Review about the incident as well.

Sgt. Mattei was unable to give Nationalist Review much information about the incident but did refer us to the statements issued by his department (embedded below).

He assured us that Sophie is currently in a safe location where no further abuse is possible, but due to the nature of the case, Texas state law prohibits any further information about a minor being disclosed.

He requested that we inform the public that a rumor being spread about Jacob Bellington (alleged abuser) working for the Frisco Police Department is not true, and that Bellington has never had any association with Frisco PD.

Deleted Update From The GoFundMe Page:

Killed Armed Protester: “[Conservatives Are] Too Big of P*ssies to Actually Do Anything”

The Protester Who Stopped A Vehicle And Approached It With A Rifle Before Being Killed Had Some Revealing Last Words About His Combative State Of Mind

Earlier this evening, Nationalist Review reported that Garrett Foster, the victim of the shooting in Austin, might have instigated the fatal encounter that ended his life. All the facts related to this incident are yet to be cemented, but the Review can report that the individual gave an interesting interview shortly before his death.

In the video, he’s asked about why he’s carrying a rifle, whether he intends to use it, and the purpose he is marching for. The Gateway Pundit’s Cassandra Fairbanks was first to report on this matter.

When asked about the purpose of his firearm, the protester had this to say:

“I mean, if I use it against the cops I’m dead. I think all the people that hate us and want to say shit to us are too big of p-ssies to stop and actually do anything about it.”

As we’ve previously reported, the Austin Police Department has issued a statement on the shooting. Though brief, the press release did include a some key details that were left out of initial reporting.

The entirety of the statement follows:

“On Saturday, July 25th at approximately 9:52 PM, Austin Police officers were on scene in the 300 block of Congress Avenue monitoring protesters when shots were fired. One adult male victim was located with a gunshot wound, that victim was transported to Dell Seton but was pronounced deceased shortly thereafter. “

“Initial reports indicate that the victim may have been carrying a rifle and approached the suspect vehicle. Suspect was in the vehicle and shot at the victim. Suspect was detained and is cooperating with officers. Detectives and crime scene are on scene. There is no longer a threat to the public and no one else has been reported injured.”

UPDATE: “Protester” Who Was Shot In Austin Was Carrying A Rifle, Approached Vehicle According To Police

A Press Briefing Delivered By The Austin Police Department Indicates That The Man Shot And Killed Earlier This Evening Was Armed

Earlier this evening, Nationalist Review reported that an individual was shot and killed while attending a protest in Austin, Texas. The shooting incident was initially ruled a homicide but new facts presented during a press evening just now indicate that the shooter may have acted in self defense when an armed individual approached his vehicle when the driver was attempting to pass peaceably through an intersection.

For videos of the incident please head over to our earlier report:

Here’s what the press briefing relayed:

Senior police officer Katrina Ratcliff with the Austin Police Department public information office gave the briefing:

“On Saturday, July 25th at approximately 9:52 PM, Austin Police officers were on scene in the 300 block of Congress Avenue monitoring protesters when shots were fired. One adult male victim was located with a gunshot wound, that victim was transported to Dell Seton but was pronounced deceased shortly thereafter. Initial reports indicate that the victim may have been carrying a rifle and approached the suspect vehicle. Suspect was in the vehicle and shot at the victim. Suspect was detained and is cooperating with officers. Detectives and crime scene are on scene. There is no longer a threat to the public and no one else has been reported injured.”

The case number for the incident is: 202071411

Video: Armed Citizens’ Militia Entering Dallas To Restore Order Where Police Have Failed To Act

Police have lost control of Dallas and a well-armed militia composed of ordinary citizens is taking action to restore order in the downtown area tonight

Journalist Elijah Schaffer who was on the streets of Dallas Saturday night spoke with a representative from a citizens’ militia that is mobilizing to restore order, protect property, and suppress the violent rioters who have been destroying the Texas city.

Here’s what the militia spokesperson had to say:

“We’re using our second amendment right to enforce—uh, letting everybody use their first amendment right, as long as they are peaceful.We want people to protest, we’re against the militarization of the police as well. And what’s going on right now, but we want to make sure private businesses stay out of it. If you have a problem with the police, take it up with the police. And leave private businesses out of it. That’s all.”

RELATED: Why police in big cities don’t put down protests – They’re trained by PERF a gun control think tank funded by the US Governmet

WATCH: Gunshots Erupt, Seven Injured, As Louisville Riot Escalates

Heroes do not wear capes. They simply take action when the vulnerable are targeted and those otherwise responsible for protecting them are absent.

The entirety of downtown Dallas has been in chaos since early Saturday evening with stores being looted, fires set, and at least one individual, who attempted to protect his shop, stoned within an inch of his life:

Store own lies beaten and unconscious after rioters attempted to ransack his store and he put up a fight.
Seen here, an unnamed store owner lies beaten and bloodied after he attempted to ward off one of the roving violent mobs.

The violent riots have been encouraged by multiple celebrities on social media who have taken to their platforms to tweet statements like “burn it all down”. Large corporations have taken out promoted tweets praising the riots. Even Ilhan Omar’s daughter has been assisting the rioters in their effort to obtain supplies for combating what amounts to a minimal police presence.

We will update this story if more information about the militia’s movements comes to light.

Video: Rioters In Dallas Pull Black Man Out Of Car, Begin Beating Him

Rioters In Dallas Seem To Be Turning On Peaceful Protesters And Observers. Do Black Lives Really Matter To Them?

Blaze TV host Elijah Schaffer uploaded the alarming clip from Dallas, Texas late Friday evening. Riots have broken out across the country, ostensibly to support the cause of justice in the name of George Lloyd who died while being arrested in Minneapolis, Minnesota on 25 May 2020.

Many of the protesters have been dusting off the old chants from the Black Lives Matter Ferguson days—and that’s their claim: that this is a protest about the sanctity of life. But do they actually care at all about black lives? Or any lives at all?

Given the number of violent incidents that have occurred over the past few evenings, it’s hard to argue that they do. At least not in good faith. Not when they’re targeting the most vulnerable, like the disabled woman who they assaulted while she was in her wheelchair.

Here’s just one more incident of black lives not really mattering to the violent rioters:

Mark Cuban Is Snitching On Business Owners In Texas

The Dallas Mavericks owner with an ego that knows no limits is targeting local businesses in Texas.

Mark Cuban has hired ShiftSmart, a firm that helps businesses manage employee schedules, to conduct a covert research operation into how well local restaurants are prepared to reopen for business. Texas has recently allowed restaurants to reopen their dining rooms, and the Dallas Mavericks owner is volunteering himself to play ‘bad cop’.

Cuban hired a team of secret shoppers to visit businesses throughout Texas and, if they were open, to record which safety practices were being sufficiently implemented. While his study doesn’t detail the names or locations of the businesses in question, the shoppers, who visited 300 locations according to Eater, noted whether they were at a “fast-casual burger chain” or “steakhouse chain”. The results have been posted on his website.

I wanted to get an understanding of what opening meant to businesses around Dallas. Were they opening? What precautions were they taking? Were employees in safe environments? And bigger picture, I wanted to know if these are places that I would feel safe taking my family to.

So I hired a company that specialized in this type of project,, and asked them to let me know how Dallas businesses were responding to the Open Order for Texas.

Aggregate Degree of Safety Protocol Compliance – By Locations: Overall – 96% of businesses were non-compliant across all mandatory protocols and all locations. The extent of non-compliance is dramatic with ~1/3 of all locations being <50% compliant across mandatory protocols as established by the Governor’s office. The chart below breaks out the degree of compliance across mandatory compliance % buckets. 

Young leftists cry “lynching” over Gov. Greg Abbott’s “get a rope” tweet but missed his classic 80s reference

Republican Governor of Texas Greg Abbott sent Twitter lefties into a fit last night when he responded to a supporter who jokingly asked him what he’d do to solve a big problem: Whataburger was out of Dr. Pepper.

Governor Abbot responded with a joke that referenced an old salsa commercial that was popular throughout the 80s and 90s:

“Get a rope.”

That joke didn’t play well with a crowd that might watch Stranger Things on Netflix, but never actually experienced the 80s first hand. Abbott was referencing a classic Pace Salsa commercial starring Burton Gilliam (from Mel Brooks’ Blazing Saddles). Abbot isn’t even the first Texas politician to make this reference. He’s not even the first one to make the reference this year. It’s quite popular.

For those of you who are unfamiliar, be sure to catch the two clips embedded below.

Apparently, the reference was a bit dated for the overly sensitive Twitter crowd, since it flew high above the heads of angry internet activists who launched a series of whining Tweets ranging from demands for apologies, to condemnations of racism, and eventually to outright accusations that the Governor of Texas was proposing murder over a lack of soda.

Even a Daily Caller millennial seemed to express confused disapproval

Greg Abbott eventually responded:

“Lighten up dude. It’s a line ripped off of the Pace Picante Get A Rope Commercial,” he responded while quoting one agitated e-activist that wasn’t versed in his salsa promotional history.

“Put a smile on your face. Go to Whataburger & order a double with cheese & jalapeños. Be sure to choose the spicy ketchup! Tell them Dr. Pepper sent you,” Abbott retorted.

Here’s the commercial with the line Abbott was referencing:

This isn’t the first time a Texan has made a reference to the Pace Salsa commercial either

Texans still love the “tongue in cheek” Pace commercial even to this day as ValueWalk noted in 2015. Or, if that’s not good enough, as the New York Times noted in 2013.

Just last month, for instance, Texas Agriculture Commissioner Sid Miller read a Facebook post about a Veteran’s Day parade in his hometown of Stephenville denying entry to a Confederate group. His response? “Get a rope.”

And the “get a rope” comment was popular among Republican candidates from Texas during the 2016 election, too.

In 2016, when the feud between President Donald Trump and Ted Cruz was at its zenith, Rick Perry was asked about comments Cruz made concerning New York liberals. He had this to say: “I would hope there’s enough humor in that person to understand that, hey listen, we all make fun of New York. I mean, come on, ‘New York City? Get a rope.’ Remember that ad, for the picante sauce?”

And Ted Cruz? He made references to the Pace ad twice while campaigning: once in January and once in February that same year:

CRUZ: You know, there’s an old — old Pace Picante ad, if you remember about —

KELLY: They know what you’re talking about.

CRUZ: Talking about where this picante sauce comes from and they look at the can and say, New York City? New York City, get a rope!

For what it’s worth, Robert Hirsch, the New Yorker who took over Pace’s marketing in the late 90s attributed the slogan to the company’s brand recognition throughout the country.

“I think the biggest strength of the campaign was the memorabilia, everybody remembers: ‘New York City! Get a Rope,'” Hirsch said.

Pace followed up their commercial with one that shows precisely what that rope was used for:

Here’s some more outrage, if you’re into that sort of thing:

A failed Texas candidate for Congress had this to say:

A Democrat candidate for state legislature even tried to weigh in

Then there were all these bright folks