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Tag: Texas

Video: 9-Year-Old’s Heartbreaking Account Of Sexual Abuse By Mother, Judge Orders Her To Stay With Her Abuser

A Texas Father Is Seeking To Regain The Custody Of His Three Children Following Disturbing Revelations That Their Mother Has Been Loaning Them Out To Men To Be Sexually Abused

Killed Armed Protester: “[Conservatives Are] Too Big of P*ssies to Actually Do Anything”

The Protester Who Stopped A Vehicle And Approached It With A Rifle Before Being Killed Had Some Revealing Last Words About His Combative State Of Mind Earlier this evening, Nationalist

UPDATE: “Protester” Who Was Shot In Austin Was Carrying A Rifle, Approached Vehicle According To Police

A Press Briefing Delivered By The Austin Police Department Indicates That The Man Shot And Killed Earlier This Evening Was Armed Earlier this evening, Nationalist Review reported that an individual

Video: Armed Citizens’ Militia Entering Dallas To Restore Order Where Police Have Failed To Act

Police have lost control of Dallas and a well-armed militia composed of ordinary citizens is taking action to restore order in the downtown area tonight Journalist Elijah Schaffer who was

Video: Rioters In Dallas Pull Black Man Out Of Car, Begin Beating Him

Rioters In Dallas Seem To Be Turning On Peaceful Protesters And Observers. Do Black Lives Really Matter To Them? Blaze TV host Elijah Schaffer uploaded the alarming clip from Dallas,

Mark Cuban Is Snitching On Business Owners In Texas

The Dallas Mavericks owner with an ego that knows no limits is targeting local businesses in Texas. Mark Cuban has hired ShiftSmart, a firm that helps businesses manage employee schedules,

Young leftists cry “lynching” over Gov. Greg Abbott’s “get a rope” tweet but missed his classic 80s reference

Republican Governor of Texas Greg Abbott sent Twitter lefties into a fit last night when he responded to a supporter who jokingly asked him what he’d do to solve a