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Lansing, Michigan: Pro-Trump Demonstrators Raise The Cross Outside Of State Capitol Building

Demonstrators protesting in unity with Trump supporters in the nation’s capital have gathered at their respective state capitol buildings. In Lansing, Michigan, a cross has been raised to call on

Video: Antifa Agitators Punch, Throw Rocks At “Jews For Trump” Supporters During NYC Caravan

Multiple other acts of violence took place, see below for the complete set of videos: This black bloc terrorist was quickly introduced to the pavement after throwing one of the

Video: Suspect Shot By Secret Service

Nationalist Review just reported that a shooting incident occurred during a White House press briefing delivered by President Trump. The president was quickly removed from the room but later returned

BREAKING: Shots Fired Near White House During President’s Briefing

Secret Service Have Taken Trump Away From Press Briefing After Shots Were Reportedly Fired Outside The White House Update: We’ve added a video of with audio of the suspected gun

Trump Condemns Pro-Abortion UN Response Plan

“The United States stands with nations that have pledged to protect the unborn.” The Trump administration is demanding that the United Nations remove references to abortion from their COVID-19 response