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Wire Update: Trump Campaign Team “Team Trump” Has Joined Twitter Alternative Parler

The move comes shortly after Twitter removed Trump’s statement regarding their permanent ban of him: UPDATE: Twitter has now banned the Trump Campaign from its platform following their announcement. Team

Wire Alert: Trump Issues Statement Condemning Twitter Following Permanent Ban, Considering New Platforms

The statement was made from the President of the United States (@POTUS) account and swiftly removed by Twitter Update: This post has been edited to include a response from Twitter

WIRE ALERT: Twitter Suspends Trump After Blaming Him For Occupation Of Capitol

Twitter’s “Safety” account has issued a statement indicating that the president will be suspended for 12 hours following a video he released urging his supporters to act peacefully and return

Former Twitter CEO Will “Happily Provide” Commentary When Communists Start Executing People

Dick Costolo, the former CEO of Twitter, wants the world to know he ready for the communist revolution. He’s so ready, in fact, that he’s willing to provide video commentary

Video: Internet Censors Purge Posts Shared By President Trump Detailing African American Crime Statistics

The President Shared A Video From Another User Who Uploaded An Explanation Given By A Black Man About Crime From His Own Demographic…Twitter Promptly Deleted The Account Earlier today, President

Verified Twitter “Celebrities” Call For Rioters To ‘Burn Down The White House’

Twitter Has Allowed Verified Profiles To Actively Encourage Violence In The Streets Of Washington Despite Censoring The President’s Tweet About Civil Unrest Across The Country A large number of verified

Second Twitter Employee Makes Violent Statement About Trump: “He must be culled from the herd. ASAP!”

A second employee, this time their lawyer, has made a statement easily interpreted as the glorification of violence, calling for Donald Trump to be “culled” Jeff Rich, Twitter’s legal counsel

Twitter Employee Calls For President Trump’s Death “Die In A Fire”

Comments From Twitter Employee Erik Froese Calling For The President To “Die In A Fire” Resurface A Day After Twitter Wrongfully Censored The President For “Promoting Violence” Twitter employee Erik

Breaking: For First Time Ever, Twitter CEO Has Directly Censored The President’s Tweet

Twitter has made the unprecedented move of censoring one of the president’s tweets claiming that it violated the site’s terms of service. Twitter users can no longer “like, retweet, or

Summary: Trump Issues Executive Order On Social Media Censorship, And It’s Excellent

President Trump issues executive order on “Preventing Online Censorship” On Thursday, President Trump delivered on a long overdue promise to get a grip on the censorship of tech oligarchs on