Liberal Professor Says He Would Assassinate Jesus If He Was Sent Back In Time

Timothy Snediker Teaches Philosophy Of Religion At UC Santa Barbara And If He Had A Time Machine He Would Use It To Kill Jesus

A Twitter user, Andrew Trask, asked his followers what they would do if they were transported back in time to 2,000 years ago. All the typical and to-be-expected answers were returned to him, but one university professor, Timothy Snediker, had a disgustingly evil take on how he would use this opportunity: he would kill Jesus.

We’ve archived the post and provided a link to the record below and provided a screenshot of the tweet as well.

Timothy Snediker, a philosophy of religion professor at UC Santa Barbara, replied to Trask with the following message: “Easy, I would find and assassinate Jesus of Nazareth. Theologically speaking, it would be really important to get him before his calling and ministry begins, so that gives me roughly a decade to make it to Palestine, locate the man, and make my move. I don’t want to be the heroic Judas avant la lettre.”

After posting this reply, Snediker received what he deserved: tons of devout Christians swarming his replies and giving him a piece of their mind. Showing that he is nothing but a coward, Snediker quickly closed his account—but not before Nationalist Review managed to archive his page.

It’s no wonder that the state of higher education is in such shambles when the likes of Snediker are teaching America’s kids.