Rioters Are Attempting To Break Into Portland Police Union Headquarters

Portland Police Have Issued A Final Warning To Rioters Outside The Portland Police Association As The Mob Attempts To Break Into The Building

Tonight marks the 68th consecutive night of violence in the long campaign led by Black Lives Matter and Antifa. At the time of this post, Portland rioters are outside of the main Portland Police union office known as the Portland Police Association. Last time the rioters were here, they broke into the building and set fire to it. Hundreds are currently gathered outside the building and the PPD is attempting to restore order. We’ve collected a number of videos of the incident below.

Portland Police has issued the following warning on Twitter: “Some people in the crowd on N. Lombard St. and N. Campbell Ave are involved in criminal activity. It appears these people are trying to break into the Portland Police Association office. To those attempting to break into and/or damage the Portland Police Association building: Stop now or you may be cited, arrested, or subject to use of force. If you are at this location to peacefully protest, know this criminal behavior is occurring and leave the area now.”

“The Last Time This Happened The Building Was Broken Into And Burnt…”

Riot Sympathizers On The Ground Confirmed That People Were Attempting To Break Into The Union:

The Fires Have Been Raging Outside (For Now)…

Here’s The LRAD Warning From The Portland Police: