Video: Police Pepper Spray Trump Supporters After They Refuse To Arrest BLM Supporter Who Assaulted Woman

A Black Lives Matter supporter attacked a Trump supporter this evening in Washington, leaving her face bruised and bloody. When other Trump supporters demonstrating for the president’s reelection struggle stepped in to protect the victim and request that the police arrest her assailant, the police responded by pepper spraying the entire group.

Here’s A Clear Video Of The Punch

The DC Metro Police have repeatedly proven that the Blue Lives Matter movement must readjust their sights away from city cops. City cops are a different breed, they will cowardly follow the orders of Democrat mayors and stand down while cities burn, but they will quickly step into attack their own supporters.

Why defend them? Why pretend they are valiant heroes running into the Twin Towers?

“We Ain’t Got Your Back No More”

Video: “Call The Cops!” Antifa Cries After Man Takes Their Megaphone While They Trespass On His Property

Rioters in DC were confronted by a man who was entirely sick of their nonsense this evening. With a swift lunge, he snatched their obnoxious megaphone right out of their hands and then dangled it in their faces. Irate at the idea of someone stopping them from enhancing their screeches (as they stood on private property), one woman in the group cried out, “call the cops!”

He then plays keep-away with it for a couple moments and eventually (unfortunately) returns it to them.

It’s An Effective Strategy That Conservatives Need To Formulate A Response To:

It’s possible an effective strategy if you think about it. The hypocrisy is beside the point. What does the Black Lives Matter-Antifa coalition really want? They want to defund the police. A step towards doing that is to get the police to arrest people right-of-center, thereby alienating law enforcement from the conservative movement.

It worked in Milwaukee where a man, inside his home, held a shotgun as rioter traipsed all across his yard. They claimed he pointed it at them menacingly (after they threatened him outside for three hours). The Milwaukee Police arrived, arrested the man, and then put out a statement the next day justifying the act.

Conservative commentators were right to attack the police for this, after all, we can’t afford to let the Left riot and intimidate wherever they please, and law enforcement certainly hasn’t been allowed to contain them.

But it’s also a tactical win for their organization and puts them one step closer to achieving their goals each time they see a conservative carted off to jail.

The video looks to have taken place in Dupont Circle, a predominantly gay DC community.

Seattle City Government Hires Ex-Pimp To Be “Street Czar” With $150,000 Payment

Andre Taylor Is A Thug Who Ran Girls For Cash, Impregnated His Call Girls, And Can Now Add Being Contacted By The Government To His Resume

When asked why the city was paying an ex-pimp to run the streets of Seattle, Sam Read, a spokesman for the Department of Neighborhoods, claimed it was a means to build a partnership with organizations representing the black community. The best organization they could find was apparently run by a career criminal.

“You ain’t strong enough to stop whatever I’m doing,” Taylor said in webcast from just this past June. He then goes on to discuss how, while working as a pimp, he impregnated some of the women who he sold out on the streets. (video below)

“We decided [to be] like the mafia”

In 1999, Taylor was featured in the documentary American Pimp which examined the “pimping subculture” in America. “We decided we were going to be in this subculture, like the mafia, whether you like it or not. It wasn’t about you…we knew you considered us the waste of the world from the beginning,” Taylor said.

He became a prominent Seattle figure after his brother, a convicted rapist, robber, and drug dealer was shot and killed by police while reaching for a handgun.

This isn’t the first time the city has paid Taylor, either. In 2019, he and his group were paid $100,000 to host an event called “Conversations With The Street.”

No, this isn’t that 1988 Eddie Murphy flick.

Local news pathetically dropped the ball and failed to research Taylor’s background, opting instead to describe him as an “activist.”

“The city of Seattle has entered into a contract with Andre Taylor, a high-profile civic activist who will become the city’s first “Street Czar,” a role that has come under fire from some in the community. Under the terms of the year-long contract, the city will pay Taylor and his group, called Not This Time, $150,000 to provide “expertise and support services in de-escalation, community engagement, and alternatives to policing.” The city’s contract was first reported by Publicola.” – KOMONews

The city offered Taylor and his group, “Not This Time,” the contract way back in June, effectively demonstrating that the riots served as an extortion measure to provide lowlife gutter-scrapers like Taylor an opportunity to siphon tax-payer dollars into their own coffers. Taylor apparently balked at their initial offer, saying the city “can’t put a price tag on going into community meetings and having sit downs with gang members.” He eventually signed a deal late in July.

And as Seattle mulls over how to manage their plan to defund the police, it’s hard to picture a more imaginative way for them to waste even more money in the future.

Social workers? That’s been one-upped. What’s worse than paying a literal criminal to fulfill the role of “street Czar?” Nationalist Review is sure they’ll think of something.

There’s no such thing as a nonviolent pimp. It’s a business riddled drugs and rape and abuse and murder. Taylor has almost certainly had a hand in at least some of that.

Taylor’s Brother: Che Taylor, A Rapist, Robber, And Drug Dealer, Was Killed By The Police

Che Taylor

Taylor rose to spotlight following the death of his brother, who died during an attempted arrest for drug possession. The younger Taylor had previously been convicted of rape and robbery and had outstanding drug warrants.

The shooting was lawful, and a handgun was recovered from the scene of the shooting.

Video: Rioters Attempt To Assault Rand Paul, Throw Police Officer Who Intervenes To The Ground

Rioters Surrounded Senator Rand Paul Then Threw A Police Officer Who Intervened To The Ground Following The Closing Of The Republican National Convention

Senator Rand Paul was the victim of a would-be assault following his departure from the Republican National Convention. Rioters encircled Paul and his wife, Kelly Paul, and began shouting obscenities. Paul and his police escort managed to find a path through the crowd but were briefly held up when an officer using a bike as a barricade was pushed down by the mob.

The emboldened street criminals have become so confident in their uprising that they’ve begun starting street fights with officers (see below).

Paul tweeted his thanks to the officers who helped him make his escape.

The Assault (Second Video)

Rioters Had The Senator Surrounded:

Street Fights Erupt Between Officers And Rioters:

Video: Black Lives Matter Threatens To Burn Down Historic DC Church, Assaults Elderly Man (Again)

Rioters Gathered Outside St. John’s Church In Washington, D.C. Threatening To Burn The Building To The Ground If Their Demands Were Not Met

St. John’s Church of Lafayette Square—we won’t refer to it under its new name—was opened in 1816. Since then, every sitting president has attended the Church and, on inauguration day, every president since Franklin Delano Roosevelt has attended it on Inauguration Day.

On 31 May 2020, rioters encircled the church and lit fires to the church nursery. Those fires were thankfully extinguished quickly.

Now, a new wave of rioters, emboldened by recent events in Wisconsin, Oregon, and Minnesota, have gathered around the place of worship and are threatening to turn it into ash.

Rioters on the site are also attacking elderly men and women whom they have targeted for their conservative views:

Below you’ll find a video of the incident as well as a screenshot of the woman punching him straight in the jaw.

Earlier this week, rioters chanted “f*** your Jesus” in North Carolina and nearly burnt down a church in Wisconsin. As unrest continues to spread from city to city, a most ungodly element goes with it.

Video: A Postmates Driver With The Handle “White People Hate” Followed And Terrorized A White Woman To Her Home

Karlos Dillard, a driver for the delivery service Postmates, followed a white woman to her home, harassed and lied about his previous encounter with her, and uploaded it to social media. Dillard has been encouraging rioters to “shoot back” at police.

Dillard claims that a woman, who Nationalist Review will not identify for her own safety, ‘cut him off’ at an intersection. In response, the Postmates driver did what every rational human would do: he proceeded to follow her for three blocks, terrorized her, posted her license plate and address online, then bragged about the harassment campaign on social media. His Twitter handle is “@wypipo_h8” an ebonics term that translates to “White People Hate”.

“Guys this is her license plate number, this is her address,” Dillard says in his video panning the camera to her home. “She flipped me off and then she tried to come home,” Dillard says, not realizing that he just stalked a woman to her home for what he describes as a simple traffic disagreement.

Dillard attempts to justify stalking the woman by claiming that she said the “N” word, but what seems more likely is that he entered an episode of road rage. In fact, that claim of the “N” word seems to disappear and evolve into “you flipped me off” as the video progresses. Recognizing the racial tension currently brewing in society, Dillard likely decided he would upload the video and see if he could earn some praise. Unfortunately, he was right.

The video earned over 100,000 likes and tens of thousands of retweets.

Karlos Dillard has a history of falsely claiming that people have said the “N” word to him. While working as a Postmates delivery driver he attempted to frame an Asian-owned business for racism, perhaps believing that the COVID-19 pandemic would lay anti-Asian cover for him.

These sorts of incidents are becoming more frequent as anti-white racism, particularly directed at women, is at an all time high. Typically, white males have been targeted, but in recent months, a new online term, “Karen,” has been used to target white women that appreciate order in society.

“Shoot Back” Dillard Encourages Protests In America To Turn Violent And Spill Blood

Dillard is a proponent of not just violent protests, but protests that actually spill blood. In a video he uploaded to his Twitter account in 2017, Dillard encourages protesters to end the “Black Lives Matter” chant, opting in favor of a chant encouraging young black men to “shoot back” at police.

Grifting For MAGA Bucks: Dillard Claimed He Was A Trump Voter To Con Money Out Of The Tokenization Crowd

In a previous life, Dillard attempted to con money out of the conservative community by claiming that he supported Donald Trump and voted for him. It isn’t hard to figure out why, with a few favorable immutable characteristics anyone can do it. That’s why people like Diamond and Silk have amassed such a following—there’s no need to kid yourselves, it has nothing to do with brilliant political commentary.

Antifa And BLM Planning Violent Protests For Trump’s Birthday “Send Him To His Bunker”

Agitators In Washington, D.C. and Seattle Plan To “Send Trump To His Bunker” On June 14th According To Posts On Official Communication Channels Organizing The Protests

An unaffiliated Black Lives Matter organization in Seattle, Washington and an Antifa group in Washington, D.C. are planning to launch riots on the president’s birthday this Sunday.

The demonstrations were announced on Telegram channels associated with the organizations, with one group urging participants to put their “anger into action” and the other implying they will scare President Trump into hiding in the bunker once again.

At the time of this report, Black Lives Matter Seattle Original (BLMSO), the Seattle-based organization has raised a total exceeding $21,000 in donations to support the effort and 5,000 people have indicated on their Facebook event page that they plan to attend.

Still, the event is not without some confusion or internal controversy, since there are apparently two unaffiliated BLM organizations in the Seattle area. The organization planning the riot is the less official of the two and lacks the non-profit status of the competing group known as Black Lives Matter Seattle King County (BLMSKC). BLMSKC has actually released their own statement urging activists to avoid the event hosted by the other group:

“So, to clarify, Black Lives Matter Seattle King County is not involved in the coordination or planning of any public, in-person gatherings, meetings, or protests, which includes any events planned for June 14th,” they wrote in their statement.

Meanwhile, the Washington DC protest has been advertised on Telegram as a means to send Trump back into his bunker and eventually chase him out of office. In a bombastically absurd Instagram post they made their case for the need to riot:

What is the Fitting Way to “Celebrate” Trump’s Birthday?
Sunday June 14, 4 PM, Lafayette Park in DC and everywhere

On the first day of mass protests in DC, Trump hid himself away in his underground bunker out of fear of the people’s power. Our power is in the streets! Demand #TrumpPenceOutNOW! This fascist regime poses a catastrophic danger to the whole world, and the whole world will take heart if we rise to another level of determined resistance. We have begun, but should we fail to see it through, this and every struggle for justice will be set back. If we succeed – and we can succeed – we can begin to force the boots of violent oppressors off the necks of our brothers and sisters. Let us change the course of history, not for ourselves alone but for all humanity.

We’ll continue monitoring these planned events and update you as more information comes to light.

D.C. Makes It Virtually Illegal For Cops To Counter Riots: Tear Gas, Rubber Bullets Banned

The DC Council Passed Sweeping “Reforms” To Inhibit The Ability Of Law Enforcement To Respond To Riots In The Nation’s Capital

The DC Council passed numerous measures Tuesday to ban police from responding to rioters with non-lethal force. Among the provisions of the bill, which was passed as emergency temporary legislation, is the ban of tear gas, rubber bullets, and other crowd control measures that enable law enforcement to manage a riotous crowd.

The bill also repeals the ban on masks allowing protesters to conceal their identities while committing crimes and force the city’s prisons to move people to ‘home confinement’.

The bill was passed using a legislative mechanism that allows the DC Council to pass bills that were submitted on the same day in the case of an emergency. The enacted provisions are temporary, however, and the Council is working to make them permanent when the emergency period ends.

Despite objections from Mayor Bowser, an extremist in her own right who recently renamed the historic Lafayette Plaza to Black Lives Matter Square, the council unanimously passed the legislation.

“A Dangerous Path To Unchecked Violence…Exponential Increase In Crime”

The DC Metropolitan Police issued a statement on their opposition to the bill, essentially warning that the city will descend into anarchy:

“The proposed language in this Bill erodes many of the rights that police officers in this city are currently afforded and creates a dangerous path to unchecked violence in the District,” the statement reads. “We understand that there are voices in this community that are asking for continued reform to police policy. The Union is, and always has been, willing to have serious discussions about this kind of reform.”

“The outcome of the current language in the bill (as proposed) will undoubtedly result in an exponential increase in crime and a mass exodus in personnel.”

With the passage of the legislation, it is hard to imagine the police being able to successfully quell the next riot.