Seattle To Force All White City Employees To Admit They Are Racists

White City Employees In Seattle Must Undergo “Segregated” Courses Where They Admonish Themselves For Being Racists, According To Documents Released By Independent Journalist Christopher Rufo

The Seattle Office of Civil Rights developed an alarming course that segregates white city employees and forces them to attend courses on “institutionalized racial superiority” (IRS) and guilt them into accepting the premises of critical race theory. The documents were first released by independent journalist Christopher Rufo.

Those taking the course will be tasked with explaining how “white supremacy” and whether they are disrupting people of color at work by bringing along their “white fragility” to the workplace.

Employees are also forced to explain how, within the past three months, they’ve been racist by “implicating themselves in the system of white supremacy” according to Rufo. These individuals must share a story about how they’ve “caused harm to a person of color.”

The program is called “internalized Racial Superiority For White People” with goal, stated by the Office of Civil Rights, being to convince white employees to “redistribute resources, change who’s in power [and] alter institutions.”

The office claims that white employees exhibit characteristics of white supremacy by holding values such as “individualism,” “objectivity,” and “intellectualism.”

Rufo describes the program as an exhibition of “segregation, group-based guilt, and race reductionism,” and plans to file a civil rights complaint against the office responsible for instituting the program, arguing that they’ve created a new form of “institutional racism” of their own that targets white people.