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Tag: White House

Video: Suspect Shot By Secret Service

Nationalist Review just reported that a shooting incident occurred during a White House press briefing delivered by President Trump. The president was quickly removed from the room but later returned

BREAKING: Shots Fired Near White House During President’s Briefing

Secret Service Have Taken Trump Away From Press Briefing After Shots Were Reportedly Fired Outside The White House Update: We’ve added a video of with audio of the suspected gun

Verified Twitter “Celebrities” Call For Rioters To ‘Burn Down The White House’

Twitter Has Allowed Verified Profiles To Actively Encourage Violence In The Streets Of Washington Despite Censoring The President’s Tweet About Civil Unrest Across The Country A large number of verified

White House responds to “unacceptable” $3 trillion Democrat spending proposal

Democrat lawmakers have been trying to push through a deceptive spending proposal marketed as a new relief bill that responds to the ongoing pandemic. The problem is that the bill