Video: To Help Looters Steal, Convenience Store Employee Hands Out Bags

A convenience store employee was caught on camera handing out bags to rioters who were looting the establishment he was responsible for. While it is one thing to prioritize your safety, it’s entirely different to assist in the destruction of the business you work for. Video below.

Nationalist Review is tracking the ongoing Wisconsin riots taking place in Milwaukee and Wauwatosa. For more videos from this incident, please click here.

Video: Armed Rioters Destroy Homes, Loot Businesses In Wisconsin Following The Shooting Of Alvin Price

One Rioter Was Seen Brandishing A Gun As Others Destroyed Homes And Businesses

Update: Riots have broken out 10 minutes away in Milwaukee as well.

Update 2: A U-Haul has been spotted circling the mall where the shooting took place.

Businesses and homes have been randomly targeted for destruction and looting. The riot is in response to the shooting of 17-year-old Alvin Cole who was shot by Officer Joseph Mensah of the Wauwatosa Police Department. Mensah was recently cleared for the shooting, prompting mobs to prowl the streets of the otherwise quiet Wisconsin city.

It is worth noting that both Joseph Mensah and Alvin Cole are black.

This is a breaking report and the story will be promptly updated as the night progresses. Videos below.

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Rioters Throw Rocks At Homes As They Mob Through A Quiet Neighborhood:

At Least One Rioter Is Armed With His Weapon Drawn

Rioters Looted Stores:

They’ve Been Driving Motorcycles Across The Lawns Of Residents

Footage From This Evening’s Violent Riot Is Sparse:

ActBlue Partnered With Violent Prisoner Group That Is Attempting To Locate 17-Year-Old Kenosha Shooter

Why Is An Organization Of Prisoners Requesting The Location Of Kyle Rittenhouse? And Why Has ActBlue Partnered With Them?

ActBlue, the major arm of the Democrat fundraising machinery, is directly tied with a pro-prison and pro-violence organization known as Jailhouse Lawyers Speak (JLS). On 26 August 2020, JLS tweeted out a request for information concerning the exact location of Kyle Rittenhouse‘s jail cell, asking readers to email their organization with information on his whereabouts.

The implication here is obvious—for what purpose would a group of prisoners need to know his location other than to cause serious bodily harm or possibly kill the 17-year-old? Well, if you’d like to ask them you can do so at the following number: +1 832-584-5981.

Nationalist Review has requested comment on the matter and will update this story if we receive word from them.

In any case, Jailhouse Lawyers Speak is represented by ActBlue and the Democrat fundraising organization is currently receiving donations to support the organization.

On ActBlue’s page sponsoring JLS, the organization is described as a “black-led, national collective of imprisoned people fighting for prisoners’ human rights by providing legal education, resources, and assistance to other prisoners.” In other words, this is a group embedded within the prison system that feasibly has a network of contacts spread throughout all 50 states.

With the location of Rittenhouse’s cell they would be able to quickly dispatch someone serving a life sentence and have the individual orchestrate some violent atrocity.

And JLS is certainly in favor of violent uprisings. The organization recently tweeted out support for burning prisons to the ground.

Dead men tell no tales and the deceased are unable to be tried. Should any fatal harm befall Rittenhouse prior to his day in court, the prevailing leftist narrative would be allowed to cement itself in the hearts and minds of centrists who have not invested their own time in reviewing the evidence that supports Rittenhouse’s claim to self defense.

Black Lives Matter Threatens Family Of Teen Who Killed Rioters That Attempted To Murder Him

17-Year-Old Kyle Rittenhouse Shot And Killed Two Looters In Self Defense Late Tuesday Night During The Black Lives Matter Riot In Kenosha, Wisconsin…Now Riot Sympathizers Are Spreading His Address On Social Media

Two looters are dead following a shooting incident in Kenosha, Wisconsin that left a third person severely wounded in the arm. The shooter, Kyle Rittenhouse, is a 17-year-old supporter of Blue Lives Matter. Rittenhouse was part of a contingent of armed citizens who were patrolling the streets of Kenosha in order to protect property and lives from looters, arsonists, and violent street criminals who have been plaguing the city with wanton destruction for three straight nights following the shooting of Jacob Blake.

Please note, this article features a lot of videos worth watching that vindicate the actions of Kyle Rittenhouse. Share this article with anyone that thinks he was in the wrong for his actions.

Rittenhouse shot and killed two looters, one of which attempted to shoot him with a handgun (video below). We’ve uploaded the video of that attempt below.

“Off They A**” Black Lives Matter Suggests Killing The 17-Year-Old

Now, Black Lives Matter is posting the address of his mother all over social media in an attempt to harass, threaten, and possibly bring harm to the family of the brave boy who took action when city officials let their community burn. Hundreds of posts featuring this intrusive information have been spread on Facebook, Twitter, and other websites.

We’ll include more posts later in the day, but these two have been shared and commented on hundreds of times and get the point across. For now, we want to explain why Kyle Rittenhouse is a hero to the Republic.

Background: Kyle Rittenhouse Survives BLM’s Attempt To Murder Him:

Last night, rioters entered a local auto repair shop (that is, ironically, owned by a Black Lives Matter supporter), and began wreaking havoc by destroying and setting fire to the cars parked in the lot. When Rittenhouse arrived alongside the other armed citizen response team, they attempted to deescalate the situation.

Rioters Destroying Private Property:

Rittenhouse And Armed Citizens Attempt To Intervene:

Rittenhouse Uses Deadly Force To Protect Himself:

Those attempts failed and eventually an individual got in Rittenhouse’s face and said “shoot me, n****!” For the record, the individual was white and used the soft “A” An eye witness later described what he saw unfold shortly thereafter.

According to an unnamed man who appeared on local reporter Koerri Elijah’s stream, the group Rittenhouse was with attempted to stop the looters. One of those among the looting party lunged or feigned a lunge for Rittenhouse’s gun, prompting him to fire it.

This information was later proven to be incorrect, or at least incomplete.

What really happened is as follows: Rittenhouse was chased by a rioter who was holding a brick or rock wrapped in a plastic bag. The rioter threw the object at Rittenhouse as he made his retreat and continued to bullrush Rittenhouse after. Some users were quick to confuse the “rock” for a Molotov cocktail due to the lighting in one video making the semi-transparent bag look like flames. This doesn’t seem to be the case, but what difference does it make?

The difference is simply between whether a 17-year-old boy face near certain death in the flames of a violent anarchist or near certain death from a bludgeoning to the head.

The teenager had no choice but to use lethal force. Without taking the initiative to do so, the violent rioter would have likely killed him. This assailant was shot in the head and Rittenhouse quickly approached to render aid before seeing that another individual was already assisting the man.

After incapacitating the aggressor, 17-year-old then attempted to retreat and turn himself into authorities. But along his route to the police line, he was attacked by the mob once again. Losing his balance, they pounced on him, with one rioter striking him in the head with a skateboard. Rittenhouse then let off multiple rounds, striking two more people. One was shot in the chest and another in the arm.

The individual who was shot in the arm had drawn his own weapon and attempted to shoot Rittenhouse.

Rittenhouse is attacked by rioters while another (off frame and above) prepares to shoot him.

The local Kenosha Police have confirmed that two individuals died as a result of Rittenhouse’s self-defense. Nationalist Review can only assume that the one struck in center mass and the rock thrower are the ones that did not make it.

Rittenhouse Is An EMT Who Offered To Assist Protesters Who Were Injured, He Is Not Some LARPing Hothead:

Rittenhouse was interviewed by the BlazeTV’s Elijah Shaffer earlier that evening. In the video uploaded by Shaffer, he explains that he is there simply to protect property from the violence taking place in the city. The clip ends with two injured rioters walking by. Noticing this, Rittenhouse cuts the conversation short and shouts “I’m an EMT,” before walking over to offer them assistance.

Rittenhouse was present on the street that night to defend the town and offer medical support to anyone who needed it. He made no comments about Black Lives Matter, political ideology, or anything else.

The boy is a hero and he needs the support of Americans throughout the country.

If a tragedy took place last night in Kenosha, then the tragedy is as follows: the hefty responsibility of securing and protecting life and property fell on the shoulders of a 17-year-old boy because law enforcement officers were ordered not to do so. The tragedy is that a 17-year-old, living in a failed society where anarchy is allowed to prevail, had the integrity to step in when no one else would.

Rittenhouse has his whole life ahead of him. He deserves to live it unshackled by the fake news and rumors that are undoubtedly circulating as this report is typed.

Video: Black Lives Matter Nearly Burns Down Wisconsin Church That Supports Their Riots, Firefighters Barely Save It

The Black Lives Matter Rioters In Wisconsin Set Fire To A Used Car Dealership Located Right Next To A Church…The Cars Exploded One, By One, And As Fires Often Do, It Spread To A Church That Had A ‘Black Lives Matter’ Sign Supporting The Very Rioters That Caused The Flames

The church, a Unitarian Universalist Church, is on the the National Register of Historic Places and was built in 1907. Thankfully, Andrew Mercado, a sergeant in the armed forces, noticed the spreading flames and he, along with his friend CJ Haliburton, attempted to thwart the flames.

After signaling for firefighters, they assisted in the effort to quell the fire and cut off its spread before irreparable harm could befall a place of worship recognized by the National Park Service.

(More videos, images, and information below)

The Black Lives Matter Sign Posted By The Church:

The Church Even Commented On The Incident That Took Place In Kenosha:

“We at Bradford UU pray for Jacob Blake, his family and everyone in Kenosha right now. We remain committed to justice and equity and will not remain idle when such violence is administered by the very law enforcement which is supposed to protect and serve us.
Please stay tuned to our Facebook page and your Bradford UU announcement emails for updates as the situation, and our response to it, continues to evolve.”

Unfortunately, Mercado doesn’t seem to be worth much praise. He’s leaving the military due to “what he witnessed in Minneapolis,” stating that the “military doesn’t get it…my family doesn’t get it,” on his stream. He seems to have begun his exit from the military with the intention of becoming a full-time livestreamer after being moved by what he saw during the George Floyd riots in the south side of Minneapolis.

While rather moderate, Mercado seems unwilling to accept that these riots have a political affiliation and that the violence taking place is motivated by political desires. “That fire doesn’t have a political affiliation,” he said during his steam in the aftermath of the firefighter’s arrival.

Well, we have news for Mercado, these fires do have a political affiliation. They’re the product of the violent thugs who decided to wreak havoc across a city on behalf of a sex offender named Jacob Blake. They’re the product of the rage that has been nurtured by the supporters of Black Lives Matter.

In any case, Nationalist Review does praise Mercado for taking initiative to fight the fire until help arrived. He, unlike most journalists, isn’t a simple bystander. But that’s also going to come back to bite him. Mark our words, we’ll have a future article about him getting attacked because he tried to intervene in the wrong situation.

He also alluded to a possible dishonorable discharge, saying that he’s basically quit the military but “tried to do it the right way.” His family is no longer speaking to him due to his decision. Mercado was recently called a “liberal Nazi” at a Trump rally after angering supporters of the president.

Rioters In Wisconsin Point Rifles At Police Vehicles As New Wave Of Black Lives Matter Violence Begins

The Violence In Wisconsin Has Reached A Point Of Escalation Previously Unseen In The Riots—The Mob Is Now Threatening Police Officers With Rifles:

Antifa Agitators have embedded themselves among the rioting black youth of Wisconsin and, armed with rifles, surrounded a sheriff’s armored personnel vehicle in order to block its path. The law enforcement officers with in the vehicle deployed gas canisters to clear the roads and made their escape. Two videos of the incident have been released so far, we will update this story when more arrive.

Violent riots kicked off earlier this evening in Kenosha, Wisconsin following the shooting of Jacob Blake, a suspect in a domestic violence call who resisted arrest and fought off tasers before retreating to his vehicle and reaching under the seat.

Another Angle Of The Incident:

The Most Aggressive Of The Two Individuals Is Pictured Below, We Are Still Working On Finding A Clearer Face Picture